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  1. I think I found the issue. After several attempts of scanning external files to remove any remnant of EDDM brought in by any other addon (eg. FTX) I decided to explore the files internal to T2G EDDM. With that the following files where in question: EDDM folder EDD-LIB-DETFAL.bgl ? Was this a typo? I changed it to EDDM-LIB-DETFAL. And not sure if "DETFAL is supposed to be DEFAULT EDDM_AF.BGL.off and EDDM_AF-SODE.BGL.off were removed outside of the EDDM into another external folder. I was not sure if the extension should have read .BGL.off or .BGLOFF so I removed it altogether. EDDM Terrain Folder EDDM1.bgl.off and the EDDM2.bgl.off (i removed from the EDDM-TERRAIN Scenery folder) lastly, I deleted the scenery from within p3dv4.4 menus and reinserted them by way of lorby's addon organizer as an xml addon in the order starting at the top down EDDM, EDDM LC. EDDM Terrain.
  2. I get the same message however the scenery is added as an xml addon file. All appears to be in order including sode...but the dynamic lighting is non-present
  3. I arrived at LFPO at Dawn when all lighting was off. When I departed it was an hour before Dawn and the scenery was in complete darkness (no dynamic lighting). The pole lighting was on however. Is this a known issue? I checked the configure tool and all is active. Please advise
  4. I see same reflect issue in p3dv4.4
  5. Was there ever a fix to this? I'm still getting this with P3dv3.3.5
  6. Not sure why you are not able to install into P3D, but I'll been using KMCO in P3dv2.5 v3.1/3.2 and now 3.3.5 without issue. In fact I had to reinstall all scenery when moving into v3. What messaging are you getting?
  7. Okay T2G I'm back and completed stoked by your accomplishments with your latest release of Seattle. So this begs the question, request, and petition....Please...Pleeaaassseee have a look at the KPDX and KPVD (as a side project to all you are already doing ....that would be awesomely wicked...He why not add a little RDU in to mix too... Excellent job keep up the works Cheers and look forward to your future
  8. Interesting and perhaps you're right. I saw a spike, a very large spike in VAS unlike any other Addon Airport on arrival to VHHH from RJTT in the T7 (before the recent update). Vas rose to 3.9gb but that quickly retreated to 3.28 and 2.87gm respectively. Once on the ground and panning around from the exterior of the AC it was back up to 4.014GB...heard the ding shutdown but not before receiving the OoM message. After the update I flew from ZPLJ and did not experience the same behavior. I have an up coming flight from RPLL (addon PAS) to VHHH and shall observe and revert.
  9. Guys, I will share from experience. Sometimes we can download and install very bad files that milk others files. I had this problem with my old FSX setting prior to my recent blue screen of death in late November 2014. What I than decided on was to clearful scrutinizes every scenery; payware and freeware, for the new build. So on the new build / fresh install of FSX I started with vanilla approach Install FSX Install carenardo b1900. And fly Install FTX global - removing all old coded autogen and fly Install Terrain mesh ( in my case fsglobal2010). Fly In my case again apply dx10 fixer Install all remaining addons ONE by ONE ( this is quintessential) on top of the base describe above. What I've achieved on this install has been nothing short of amazing. Where I saw the climb in VAS in any aircraft even on pause, I now see VAS hold at whatever level for over 3 hrs in paused state. OoM are extremely rare now. I can leave scenery such as KPHX/LAXV2 orbx FtxNCA whilst landing in CYVR at 2048 texture set in the NGX and have 200mb of vas free I say this to say that in the past I; like you, have made similar claims of texture leaks on products from multiple developers but to only discover that a very small fraction of my claims could be valid. We must carefully evaluate all our doings before turning towards the new product...yes some have had very high and demanding techniques which are later resolved in subsequent updates. But I just want to share in the experience and success I've had thus far, understanding FSX a little better than before. And duly, I share that having all of T2G latest works with an assortment of their legacy products I've yet to see the old issue or simply put it "texture leaks". Shucks, I'm flying their VHHH with FT VHHX activated. Performance is phenomenal Hope you come to a resolve because it an astounding scenery ( and can only get better with their updates as they deem suitable) What else are you guys running on your systems... Flight bag by any chance (EFB)?
  10. Are you sure its not the schedules? Right click on the screen and you should have options in the window to scroll down to view AI aircraft that are currently at or near your location. It could be a reflection of the schedules that you are not seeing near the same volume of aircraft as witnessed at night.
  11. Not activated....but Night Environment Dubai (level 3)
  12. Good day T2G Not sure if this issue is inherent to OTHH but allow me to elaborate. I've had no issue flying into OTHH in the pmdg T7 from flytampa Dubai or Imaginesim ZSPD. Ai traffic by UT2 set at 60% commercial 30% GA. Ftx Global, Vector, autogen = dense , all other sliders max except water 2xlow So what's the issue Well, I recently set a flight plan thru PFPX from OTHH to UUDD using Aerosoft airbus x extended A321. Departing from OTHH gate B6, taxied to 16L with starting waypoints 1513 ALVEN BONAN RAMKI. after wheels up and turning right to intercept ALVEN, FSX abruptly shuts down. It did this twice. ( not sure if it was due to a missing AI repaint or AC. So i decided on the third try to program into the flight plan the starting waypoint towards Dubai, since the previous flight i had no issue. Well from 16L 1513 ALSEM RAMKI - I've had success. So I ask can you look into the ( 1513 ALVEN BONAN RAMKI.) flight path to see if you can duplicate my issue. Thx
  13. Excellent Work yet again T2G Team...I'm just loving this. I'm currently flying to and from OTHH to OMDBv2, PMDG T7, Activesky next, REX4, TFX GLobal, DX10 and Night environment Dubai and sitting pretty with VAS at 2.7. AI set at 56% / 25% using UTII and its smooth as butter. Keep em comin!!! I look forward to VHHH...man you guys are quick and Gooooodddd!!!! What else can I buy from you in between the Mega Scenery ...no don't tell me..surprise...I head back over to LTBA and KMCO...some long flights...so you should have something for me on my return to Doha ))
  14. Oh...before I forget...We have an outdated By very good FS9 rendition of KPVD that needs to be considered for FSX....and Why not add KPDX too (plus surrounding areas)
  15. KFJ333

    LTBA and DX10

    So you r experiencing a CTD and not a OoM message... right? I know no known issues with DX10. Be sure you perform a Disk Cleanup in your All programs/Accessories/system tools of your CPU. Sometimes you may have a significant amount of data in error reports/temp files etc, that exhaust your system resources and create Program CTDs when hitting intense thresholds. I clean this once a week sometimes more depending on my frequency with FSX.
  16. Great thx...I'll wait for the notice from Simmarket.
  17. Good day I must have missed this. Can you share what's entailed / enclosed in this update for FSX. THANKS again .....incredible scenery...looking forward to the next.
  18. If KSLC is too remote...how about CYYC
  19. Wow...I'm truly impressed. This will make 5 scenery in a 10 - 12 month span...wow....keep em coming T2G...(can you hit Salt Lake in any up and coming:) And as good and smooth as you made kmco u should also plan for a nice and smooth good quality kmia. I'm just saying. I just flew from kmia v2 by other to your kmco and the to performance comparison is night and day. Stuttering taxiing and departure to a flowing river arrival and taxiing. Just saying
  20. Thank you...Happy Thanksgiving
  21. I amazed and under estimated how good this scenery really is in FSX. Excellent work to you and your team
  22. Did you try the flatten.bgl provided in the forum some weeks back?
  23. Wow, there is got to be some serious imbedded issues here. Unfortunate, I'm still unable to approach and land any aircraft without encountering scenery pauses and abrupt stutters at certain intervals on arrival. I'm going to have deactivate until the patch is provided. Its just unflyable for the ABX/NGX/T7 or the Emb / erj.
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