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  1. Excellent Work yet again T2G Team...I'm just loving this. I'm currently flying to and from OTHH to OMDBv2, PMDG T7, Activesky next, REX4, TFX GLobal, DX10 and Night environment Dubai and sitting pretty with VAS at 2.7. AI set at 56% / 25% using UTII and its smooth as butter. Keep em comin!!! I look forward to VHHH...man you guys are quick and Gooooodddd!!!! What else can I buy from you in between the Mega Scenery ...no don't tell me..surprise...I head back over to LTBA and KMCO...some long flights...so you should have something for me on my return to Doha ))
  2. Oh...before I forget...We have an outdated By very good FS9 rendition of KPVD that needs to be considered for FSX....and Why not add KPDX too (plus surrounding areas)
  3. KFJ333

    LTBA and DX10

    So you r experiencing a CTD and not a OoM message... right? I know no known issues with DX10. Be sure you perform a Disk Cleanup in your All programs/Accessories/system tools of your CPU. Sometimes you may have a significant amount of data in error reports/temp files etc, that exhaust your system resources and create Program CTDs when hitting intense thresholds. I clean this once a week sometimes more depending on my frequency with FSX.
  4. Great thx...I'll wait for the notice from Simmarket.
  5. Awesome share Martin. I must admit if your having performance challenges with a rig like that....so help us. For me I'm at 2.67Ghz /Dell t3500 / intel W3530 / GTX 770 SC 2G and have Ai at 74% "go extreme" , orbx FTXG, REX4 and getting relatively fluid fps compared to V2. I too eagerly anticipate what Simwings brings to the table, and although I like whAt they delivered in Alaska (both scenery);I feel in my opinion, most will embrace Gary's version. Uk2000 night lighting is pretty phenomenal, but then simwings extends the immersion beyond the airport. Hmmmmm tough one and only time will tell. Again great share.
  6. Good day I must have missed this. Can you share what's entailed / enclosed in this update for FSX. THANKS again .....incredible scenery...looking forward to the next.
  7. If KSLC is too remote...how about CYYC
  8. Wow...I'm truly impressed. This will make 5 scenery in a 10 - 12 month span...wow....keep em coming T2G...(can you hit Salt Lake in any up and coming:) And as good and smooth as you made kmco u should also plan for a nice and smooth good quality kmia. I'm just saying. I just flew from kmia v2 by other to your kmco and the to performance comparison is night and day. Stuttering taxiing and departure to a flowing river arrival and taxiing. Just saying
  9. CA177 you made my day with this one...thx a million now I can use my CLS again...cheers
  10. True but what are you trying to see at night? In the case of the ground textures slide the legacy shader to the scenery. So far the only AC i cannot use is the CLS A3XX (at night). Instrument panel gauges and cockpit window black/grays out. With DX10 I can sit in the T7 @ UK2000 EGLL, prep it for flight and takeoff without having to save and exit FSX during taxiing due to VAS reaching 3.9/4.01k mb This is leaving Autogen at Dense and LOD at 5.5. For me its certainly a doable compromise.
  11. Can you believe, FTXG uses less VAS than GEX.....its a keeper.
  12. Guys, be advised that Vector at its current version imposes an additional 200k Mb on VAS. Thus this becomes the added burden on our systems. Your choices are: Reduce Settings or/and Turn off Vector in FSX library (leave Vector AEC on/ checked) or/and Save Flights 100 miles from destinations, exit FSX, and reload FSX to saved flight to continue. or/and Try Steve's DX10 Fixer Unfortunately, with all the added details of our beloved addons, FSX becomes severely beset by resource hungry applications/scenery/aircraft. (even with DX10 i'm sorry - In some environments you just can't expect to fly from FSDT KJFK to FSDT CYVR in the T7 with all sliders right,AI and the likes)
  13. Thank you...Happy Thanksgiving
  14. yeah...trash the cfg and start over. drop fsx booster too. cheers
  15. I amazed and under estimated how good this scenery really is in FSX. Excellent work to you and your team
  16. Did you try the flatten.bgl provided in the forum some weeks back?
  17. Wow, there is got to be some serious imbedded issues here. Unfortunate, I'm still unable to approach and land any aircraft without encountering scenery pauses and abrupt stutters at certain intervals on arrival. I'm going to have deactivate until the patch is provided. Its just unflyable for the ABX/NGX/T7 or the Emb / erj.
  18. Ok...did not work; however, I was encouraged to dig deeper (not feeling convinced that the issue lies with MMMX- Xtreme after much effort and being no one else reported this issue) and as such I happened upon files that were in question: I looked into the Flight simulator scenery folders and experimented. Long story short: I located Flightsimulator x / Scenery / NAMC / Scenery and created a temp remove folder. Placed the Mexicoc.bgl (6399 kb) into the folder rebooted FSX and PESTO!!!!! Mucho Bien no old hangars old textures and old autogen bldgs. Mucho Gusto, again for your assistance
  19. Same issue no success. T2g, is there any resolve coming our way? It's been quiet in your camp lately. I have not received the exclusion file to test nor heard any thing new / update on the updates. Drop us a line your honored supporters wish to enjoy your product further. Thx Kind regards
  20. I'll uninstall MMMX via within FSX scenery menu then manually install to see if it works.
  21. Good Day T2G, Please advise where I may find the associated file mentioned above (21st of Sept) Thank you.
  22. how did you resolve the nighting runway lighting. Mine is non-existing with the DX10 fixer at MMMX - Extreme
  23. Thx coqui297. But that fixes the other issue, the link does not resolve this issue. The one above is a separate issue in its entirely. As such I had created a new post to be more specifichttp://www.iflysimx.com/index.php?/topic/578-mmmx-extreme-doesnt-match-as-advertised-assistance-needed/
  24. No resolve. Uninstalled reinstalled three times now..same issue. Will need the exclude file BTW- using FTXG, FS Genesis turned off UTX TAC
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