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  1. Did you try the flatten.bgl provided in the forum some weeks back?
  2. Wow, there is got to be some serious imbedded issues here. Unfortunate, I'm still unable to approach and land any aircraft without encountering scenery pauses and abrupt stutters at certain intervals on arrival. I'm going to have deactivate until the patch is provided. Its just unflyable for the ABX/NGX/T7 or the Emb / erj.
  3. Ok...did not work; however, I was encouraged to dig deeper (not feeling convinced that the issue lies with MMMX- Xtreme after much effort and being no one else reported this issue) and as such I happened upon files that were in question: I looked into the Flight simulator scenery folders and experimented. Long story short: I located Flightsimulator x / Scenery / NAMC / Scenery and created a temp remove folder. Placed the Mexicoc.bgl (6399 kb) into the folder rebooted FSX and PESTO!!!!! Mucho Bien no old hangars old textures and old autogen bldgs. Mucho Gusto, again for your assistance
  4. Same issue no success. T2g, is there any resolve coming our way? It's been quiet in your camp lately. I have not received the exclusion file to test nor heard any thing new / update on the updates. Drop us a line your honored supporters wish to enjoy your product further. Thx Kind regards
  5. I'll uninstall MMMX via within FSX scenery menu then manually install to see if it works.
  6. Good Day T2G, Please advise where I may find the associated file mentioned above (21st of Sept) Thank you.
  7. Thx coqui297. But that fixes the other issue, the link does not resolve this issue. The one above is a separate issue in its entirely. As such I had created a new post to be more specifichttp://www.iflysimx.com/index.php?/topic/578-mmmx-extreme-doesnt-match-as-advertised-assistance-needed/
  8. No resolve. Uninstalled reinstalled three times now..same issue. Will need the exclude file BTW- using FTXG, FS Genesis turned off UTX TAC
  9. Good day T2G, I'm unable to locate the source nor confirm what is right. Please advise thank you
  10. You r right. I turned them all off and the FPS went up dramatically. Now I got to figure out why trees and autogen are bleeding through the scenery over in the gate T areas. I'm seeing as it appears double hangers too. Any suggestions?
  11. Good day T2G, First off congrats and thank for this magnificent product. I'm thoroughly impressed in spite of even the minor issues of how well the scenery has been developed and released for our enjoyment. I have no doubt that you will provide us the necessary updates to take us to the next level of immersion. Notwithstanding I have but 2 items I need your assistance with resolving 1. The scenery pauses producing either hard landings on 5L or and departing from 23R twice here on the runway as the AC (ABX, NGX) approaches the north terminal and as it reaches the Caminoreal hotel. Then again as you fly from 23R over the residential and city scape. I've tried the scenery with city and terrain off to no avail - therefore I don't believe the answer is there. Same problem is confronted on final to 5L. The pausing is so abrupt that the AC at times responds with violent drops in nose pitch and or accelerated airspeeds 2. The south terminal ( if. I'm correct in location) where Aeromexico gates lie I have autogen from ( as it looks) the default airport chopping through and on top of the terminal Please advise. Thank you I may add the I'm using UTX, FTXG, OPUSFSX, REX ESSEN PLUS OD, NGX, ABX, And have applied the few suggestion and terrain fixes already posted here.
  12. Didn't fix it for me. still a mushroom top Would help if I installed/copied paste the right file
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