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  1. Corrected for both runway, thanks for this reactivity!
  2. It seems to work with last update. Thanks!
  3. You're welcome, I know how software debugging is difficult. 👍
  4. Hello, Since last update, I noticed that ILS 24 Glide seems to be very low. Even if I'm just above the buildings, It is indicated as far below. For testing purpose, I started on rwy 20 and tuned ILS 24 on. Glide is indicated as if I was aligned with your add on and far above without (IMHO consistent with reality and rwy positions). I put the pictures of both situations. With Addon (Glide is a ground level): Without addon, Glide is 200ft above. I didn't test with the other runways. Thanks Fred
  5. Excellent! Thank you for this answer and for this beautiful product! Fred
  6. Hello, I have a (very) small issue with LFPO for MSFS. When I start at gate P12 or 13 (for ex), another A/C is already here (always same company at the same gate) and I'm behind him with no acces to external power. Are these gates not useable for starting a flight (a list of these gates would be appreciated)? It seems to be a new problem since last update(but I may be wrong...) and it's working with others 3rd party airport. Thanks Fred
  7. Extra information: I've tested with 787 with no mod and I've the same problem and tried with A32XNEO FBW : Nav RAD page didn't update with the frequency (but for A320, I'm not used to program the FMC)...
  8. Hi, I've the same problem using Salty 747 mod. In FMC, after having chosen the approach. NAV Page doesn't show the ILS frequency and I have to set it by hand... I'll check without the mod...
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