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  1. Hi there, I am having a weird issue with LFPO on MSFS as per the below picture. It looks like the whole airport is a few feet lower than everything else (the airport itself is flat). As you come in to land on 06, it really becomes an issue as it interferes with the ILS path. Any idea on what's wrong? Thanks a lot, Pierre
  2. Hi there, You're right. De-activating the new LFPG scenery from T2G does solve the problem (that said the white lines around the stands are gone but my understanding is that these aren't actually there in reality?). It looked as well like this was happening when looking towards De Gaulle. Hope you can find a way (perhaps an exclude?) that could make it work with both activated at the same time! It seems that T2G isn't responding to anything... (btw I saw you managed to fix the bridge issue with your scenery, perhaps an idea of what to do in LFPG? ^^) Thanks for your quick reply, PIerre
  3. Hi there, Just wanted to let you know that I'm experiencing the exact same issue depending on the viewing angle Hope you can find a fix! Cheers, Pierre
  4. Hi there, I am having issues when crossing most bridges in LFPG v5 (new release) which didn't happen on the previous version I have OrbX and FranceVFR NEXT Mesh installed (no issues with the previous version even in v5) -- As well the main highway that leads to Terminal 2 is missing. Any fix? Thanks, Pierre
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