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  1. Greetings! I'm sure this error/topic is seen here quite often, I've actually read through a couple of them, however the thing with my problem is, I have done everything correctly. I have installed the scenery correctly, uninstalled UK2000 correctly (completely wiped everything regarding it, xml sode files and etc.) and nothing has worked. I had this issue with multiple sceneries that support SODE and I've managed to fix those using a simple method. With sode, you get the "SODE-ON/OFF.bat" files in C program data. With each scenery I've received those two files premade to enable sode at that designated airport. It simple takes the static jetways and disables them while replacing them with the SODE jetways and vice versa. With jennasoft's tho, there is nothing like that that has come with the installation. You simply run it and that's it. However, it only installs the files for the SODE jetways, but doesn't actually enable them. Thus the reason for the red X's. How it would work is simple dragging the "Sode-on" file into a SODE folder within the scenery folder. For example Heathrow. You then run it, and it copies/replaces the static's with SODE. with the off then vice versa. I'm not sure how Jennasoft is supposed to enable the jetways on it's own but...
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