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  1. ADE is here: http://www.scruffyduck.org/ Also of interest might be AI Flight Planner: http://stuff4fs.com/newpage.asp?Folder=AIFP
  2. Oh - that is disappointing news. Thanks anyway for letting us know. Goodbye.
  3. Hi there again, Is the FS2004 version still being developed? Any chance of release in 2014? Thanks, Graeme
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there any plan to produce a version for FS2004?
  5. Any chance of a version for FS9?
  6. Is this update for FSX only, or FS9 as well?
  7. I have also noticed that in the FS9 version there are a number of missing jetways similar to that picture.
  8. I purchased the FS9 version and it looks great, however, there is no AI traffic at all so the place is very empty. How can we have AI traffic working here? Thanks,
  9. I am anxiously waiting for the FS9 version of Metz Nancy Lorraine. Is there an estimated date for the release?
  10. I shall definitely be purchasing the FS9 version - thanks for supporting that platform!
  11. I bought it too. Excellent scenery! Thanks for supporting FS9. I had almost given up on T2G.
  12. I was hoping this would be released for FS9, but it now seems unlikely.
  13. I will certainly buy any of your FS9 sceneries!
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