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  1. Indeed sad that T2G is lacking in Support for their products.....Oh well. Glad that the issue is at least fixed.
  2. Found the fix at https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/575107-katl-atlanta-missing-textures-somehow/ Simply place KLAS FSDreamteam at the top of your scenery in FS and the issue is resolved. Also resolved missing textures for KATL Imaginesim. Hope this help somebody out there.
  3. Had a Hard Drive failure and got a new Hard Drive. Reinstalled all of FS9 and KMCO gates and trees are still gray....I REALLY wish I could figure this out and if the owners of this scenery would respond ?
  4. I've been using the KMCO scenery since it has been released and all of a sudden, all the trees and jet bridges are greyed out (missing textures). I've tried to uninstall and reinstall, delete the registry entries and reinstall and they are still grey. All the .bgl and textures are in the correct KMCO folder and cannot for the life of me figure out how to solve this. Has anyone seen this in FS9? As I mentioned, it worked fine until about a month ago. I'm almost thinking it's maybe some other add-on that's conflicting with it but I've disabled all my other scenery and the issue persists. I'd really rather not uninstall/reinstall FS9 as that would take weeks to get everything back to normal. Any ideas? Thanks for any advice. Chris
  5. Is a fix for the FS9 version planned?
  6. Would love to see a KSLC airport be done for FS9.
  7. Problem resolved....dupe AFCAD resolved the no DL aircraft at the DL terminal
  8. Awesome AFCAD! Thanks for the update!
  9. I have the same issue in FS9 where the WN gates have DL logos on the jetways. Also, when trying to modify the AFCAD with AFX and saving the AFCAD with the new gate assignments, I am seeing the default FS9 terminals on top of the T2G terminals. Haven't figured out this one yet. I have to run a repair in order to get rid of the default terminals.
  10. OK.....got the TERRAIN.DLL issue licked. It was a terrain mesh issue. Removed the terrain mesh .BGL for the Caribbean and issue resolved but still no DL aircraft at the DL terminal although the AFCAD is correct.....still working this one. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  11. When starting FS2004 and selecting KMCO, when FS2004 loads, I get a CTD (Crash to desktop). The event viewer shows a Terrian.DLL application error. I realize that Terrain.DLL errors are related to a scenery conflict with another scenery or terrain mesh but when I go to KTPA and slew to KMCO, I am able to slew to KMCO without any issues. I disabled all other Florida sceneries to and still had the crash so I know there's no conflict with those. I also removed all terrain mesh files for the SE USA and the crash still occurred. Not sure how to troubleshoot this one and what could be causing the conflict. Secondly, the Jet way gates at the Southwest terminal show Delta logos. Can this be corrected with the correct Southwest logos? Thanks for any input on this.
  12. Anyone notice that there are DL gate logos at the Southwest terminal jetway gates for FS2004? Any fix for this? Also, there is no Delta traffic at the DL terminal although the AFCAD I have shows DAL as assigned to the gates there.
  13. KMCO for FS9 was released last week
  14. A good rendition of KPHX is very much needed for FS2004 flyers. I would really appreciate KPHX from T2G!!!!
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