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  1. jyarddog

    multiplayer problem

    had to reinstall FSX and of course then had to go through all the bumps and grinds of sdk install, sp1, acceleration, sp2a etc. multiplayer works again. bob
  2. jyarddog

    multiplayer problem

    Yep- It's starting to look like that. I'll save out my addon's and sceneries. The only thing I cna now think of is it must be something I did or clicked on. let's ee... what were the last few hundred things I did before this happened? hahahaha!
  3. jyarddog

    multiplayer problem

    In multiplayer- FSX I cannot see anyone else I am flying with. They can see me.\ Yes- firewall accepts FSx. Yes- I have dmz open. Being flynig on this particular site for a couple of years. suddenly in teh past couple of months I now have this problem. I took out fsx.cfg and the txt and let FSX rebuild the cfg.... same problem. I found some kind of multiplayer.dll, and I had a friend send me his..... same problem. could this be a problem with simconnect? BTW- If I switch over to FS9 everything is fine. But then FS9 handles multiplayer differently. With FSX I use FShost. I've tried other sites - same. Interesting info----> I start and join a site with FShost. Other players are there. the print for each player is in black font. I start FSX. When FSX is loaded and starts.... everyone's print chagnes to red in FShost... saying something like could not load xxx's plae- switching to default... " This does not happen until I go to an airport where a player actually is. Hope I don't have to reinstall FSx. Might have to. Ideas? Bob
  4. jyarddog

    Bleed Thru @ R12

    T2G- nah- I was referring to the problem I thought was grass bleeding through the guy's rwy. Bob
  5. jyarddog

    Bleed Thru @ R12

    Often this is an alt problem. Try putting a flatten around the rwy and perhaps farther out on each side. sometimes this peeling happens. The curved Earth pokes through here and there. bob
  6. jyarddog

    Request an airport

    Corsair- This seems to be an old FS9 style scenery - perhaps. The trees have the wrong transparancy to it. If there are fences at this airport done by them it will show the same problem. easiest way to fix this is using ModelconverterX, in material editor, set default transparant, export the object and add it back into the library it cam from or export scenery button. If you don't have this tool or do not know how get a hold of me and we can fix this. .... unless someone already has.... kudos to him/her. Bob
  7. jyarddog

    Scenery Model Design and Texturing

    could help if you wish to also use FSDS. Insisting on Gmax only? Here's a nice tutorial that might be helpful. Bobiby_ground_poly_tutorial.pdf
  8. jyarddog

    Does anybody know how to model?

    Very true- as I stated above I was using the texture for the jetway if one can find it. The rest is in one's paint program, etc. no bgl, no mdl. I mentioned the other procedures if one wanted to use the logo elsewhere, other than on the jetway. I have done this before. My friend and co worker on many projects did find the texture belonging to a default aircraft carrier. On the starboard side there were these very ugly, huge red and green lights just below the main deck toward the stern a bit. I took that texure to PSPX4 and got rid of those 'lights'. Problem solved. similar things can possibly be done. I would see no reason why one could not copy and paste said logo from one bmp to the jetway bmp and save. (save the orig of course). I described above two different procedures for two different uses. Bob
  9. jyarddog

    Does anybody know how to model?

    This is an educated guess- Been at this for a few years and still learning! You would have to find out where the textures are for the jetway. Sometimes these things might be in scenery\world\texture but could be elsewhere. 1. I would make a copy and put it on desktop or where yo can get at it. Now save that original texture as a backup. say i fit is called jet.bmp rename it jet.bak. something like that. 2. Now- the one you copied, change it to extened bmp 32 bit. with DXTBMP program. 3. Next Take your bmp of your logo to DXTBMP, at the menu, choose alpha, then ... 'make alpha template'. 4. find the little icon on the right that says... send to editor and click it. 5. This will take you to your pant editor which I hope is photoshop or psp. 6. Now- paint everything you want to be seen .... white, and everything you don't want to be seen.... black. click 'save' 7. You are now automatically back in DXTBMP. on the right side click on the icon with the up arrow (this is 'refresh after edit) 8. Save as DXT1 or 5. Some People whine about dxt1 but I have had no problems. do NOT save as dxt1 with no alpha!!!!. 9. You now have a nice logo you can put in your library of textures. Put it there. --------- If you want to.... instead of the alplha above keep the logo without doing all that. Take it ot your painit program and also load the jetway texture. hilite the logo and copy , then hilite the jetway and paste.... then resize as yo see fit. Save this as bmp.Take it to DXTBMP and save to dxt1 or dxt5. Put this new puppy back where you found the original texture. This should now show up o the jetways. Stick a fork in ya, you are done! OR----- Using your design program..... Gmax might be similar. I use FSDS 3.5. if you have a hangar or other buiilding or making your own jetway, and you have some of that building or structure made. You can do this...... 1. choose the box 2. skinny it down some 3. right click anywhere and choose current item properties. 4. choose material 5. in the name box type this--> trans 6. hit ok 7. hilite the word trans in the next window you see. hit ok 8. go to- part - texture - click on 'back' (select) You can do front instead but back shows up right now. 9. navigate to your texture library and choose your logo. it will look all green around the logo itself- if you saved as dxt1. 10. drag your box wiht mouse... around the logo.... choose a lot of surrounding green the logo wrods, etc are smaller- less surround- bigger. 11. Resize the box with the logo on it as you see fit to place it on the side of the buiiding. 12. BTW- here we can do this.... go to poly mode and delete every poly on teh box except the one with the logo. Accidently dumped the logo side? hit undo. 13. Now put this logo on the side of the building or other structure. 14. Place it slightly away from teh side of the building or it will flicker in FSX. How far awqay? Up to you... you have to fuss wit it sometimes. 15. when done wit hyour building, compile as mdl add to a scenery library, place it with Instant Scenery. Or- if you use ADE add to your library there and use ADE to place it. How's that for step by step instructions? I'm a retired school teacher. If you don't use FSDS- sorry for wasting your time. Gmax might be similar. BTW- test on Friday. Bob