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  1. Yeah it works great btw.!
  2. A great feature I've seen on some sites is that the font gets bigger when it gets likes, and smaller when it gets dislikes. But the thing is that it is VERY rare that someone posts something stupid enough to be disliked on this forum. :-)
  3. Hmm I didn't know that it was released already, but it looks great!
  4. mksas

    MJC8 Q400!

    No 2D panel in the pilot edition? And I was disappointed about that in the Airbus X Extended...
  5. WOAI FTW! Hurry up if you want woai because they close at the end of this month.
  6. Oh, I see. Well I hope you don't get that bug anymore then. Happy landings
  7. Hmm can't you just start the game in full screen or what you like to?
  8. Have you also reinstalled the AXE?
  9. No problem, it's just pretty annoying because I really want to make a repaint! Normally I've got no problems in GIMP as I mentioned.
  10. thank you very much, it will hopefully help when I figure out how it works with the layers.
  11. hmm that was strange. Today I found out that paintkit did not work, I downloaded the "real" one and opened it up, the paint layer does not work, and the other side of the tail isn't there too... Normally I have no problems painting in GIMP. Here a screenshot: If you look at the paint layer I showed here, you can see I have painted there. Any tips or something?
  12. Well I don't have this issue, but you could try. I've reinstalled FSX about 2-3 weeks ago and it runs a lot better now, but I also reinstalled because all the modules in the modules folder were for some reason GONE?!?. Anyways a reinstall is always good for FSX and I would say it's definitely worth a try. But it still looks pretty strange with your Airbus.
  13. I need to know something, what is the name of the font in your logo?
  14. Yes I've been trying a lot to repaint in GIMP, and this repaint looks pretty good right now, I've done the left side of the fuselage today, I'll try to do some more tomorrow.
  15. haha that would be AWESOME!!
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