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  1. Hey, I wrote you an inbox, pleas read it.

  2. https://youtu.be/1ByaLAN6lrA This is visually realistic enough, no? Enjoy the views, chill out music, and thank you for watching!
  3. Highly realistic SweetFX preset and realistic audio, all ingame! Overlay info graphics, Pilot'sEye style. Stay tuned for more videos like this, more complex, full flights, multiple cameras, timelapses and relaxing chill out music. https://youtu.be/2yJo5Br-leY Thanks for viewing!
  4. My own preset for more bright days and darker nights. Also my custom darker sky textures to match brighter visuals.
  5. I'm waiting for FTX Global and OpenLC EU + Vector.
  6. It's amazing how Prepar3D v3 looks good in vanilla state! Even ground textures look pretty good and convincing. I've just added SweetFX to correct hue a bit, nothing else. FPS was ~70 while taking the screens, almost max settings. V3 is defo bonanza! Enjoy the view! Thanks for stopping by!
  7. I have GTX 960 2gb and v3 is running amazing on max details all the time above 50fps, smooth as butter, no stutters! So my question is, to all of you that have, or want to upgrade, why the card with more vram?
  8. Reboot is more detailed, more functions and stuff I guess, but I don't like the UI, looks complicated. Also, you can use only SOP2 with the button edition. I stopped using voice edition because I'm limited when I can use the microphone, and on top of all some phrases I must repeat two or three times, a bit annoying. I found myself almost yelling BEFORE TAKEOFF CHECKLIST for example. The voicesets are absolutely the most important feature in FS2CREW for me, 80% of immersion. When the voices are bad it can kill the immersion completely. Female from the EU voice set just sounds like she is d
  9. Thanks for the links. Anyway, I watched few fs2crew Reboot videos on YT, and I don't like it at all. I don't like the new FMC UI, it's complicated. Also, new voices are AWFUL, especially EU female, she sounds unnatural and robotic. First version of NGX fs2crew has very good voice sets, natural speaking, easy menus and UI.
  10. Pe11e

    AVA37 On My Way to SKBO

    Shadows are amazing in P3D!
  11. That aircraft is known for causing performance issues on some systems, search for the help at Aerosoft support forums. On my PC I get better frames with NGX which is more complex. Definitely the coding of that Airbus is not the best, but maybe I'm wrong since FMW system is taking the most of CPU cycles.
  12. Stage 1: "hmmmm maybe I can try flight simulation, looks interesting!" After buying FSX Gold, and few hours in default C172 controlled with keyboard, he founds that main strength of FSX is an endless possibilities, the whole world is in your hand. No use of flaps, GPS, mouse as yoke, not to mention flight plans, VORs... ... Stage 2: "C172 is boring, let me see all other planes in FSX." Flew Maule, Cub, Baron... but all planes seems boring because he doesn't know for navigation, ATC, procedures, approaches, plates. "Wow, Boeing 737, 747, Airbus!!! Must try them!" He took B737, placed it on
  13. News Update: I'm in LOVE with the NGX! Learned the procedures, AP modes. Using FS2CREW, and the immersion is mesmerizing. The more I fly Boeing, the more I realize how Airbus feels robotic and scripted. I don't know is is Aerosoft's fault, but the freedom in the NGX is awesome.
  14. FSX DX10 + SweetFX + Gabriel Teles Lens Flare Takeoff, just before gear up call: One hour later, vectored approach to LSZH: 200, continue! Thanks for looking!
  15. I have FsCaptain and I stopped using it and got back to FsPassengers because it is a way more simpler to start the flight. In FsC you must edit aircraft characteristics, and I guarantee you it will take few flight to tune some values up to the point where the ETA calculation will be acceptable, and also you must insert the flight plan and the wind at every waypoint if you want FsCaptain to give you realistic ETA, and that too is a pain in the ass. If you miss ETA by few minutes you will get negative points, so it can be frustrating.
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