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    Ground - UTX Lights - Experience X
  2. Pe11e

    Pure FSX

    FSX screenies untouched, no post editing. Only customised enbseries. You can see bloom, with unchecked bloom option in FSX. Enbseries did that.
  3. ?? Load REX and see what dusk set you chose
  4. Nice shots! Dusk colors are awesome! What REX preset is that?
  5. I did a complete reinstall of FSX two months ago. Had FSX SP2 and asked people on avsim for suggestion what to do if I want to install Acceleration. Majority suggested to uninstall SP2, then FSX, and to install Acc. over clean FSX - no risk of CTD and addon errors. I did a test - uninstalled SP2, then installed Acc over FSX SP1. No luck, lots of bugs, and FSX was unstable with all addons active. So complete reinstall was a way to go, and it was the smartest thing! FPS is better, no stutters, smoooth as silk. And you can buy planes that require Acc.
  6. In my case yes, I'm pretty sure. Higher fps, smooth without sttuters.
  7. Yes, Acceleration include both service packs. Install FSX, then Acceleration, and strictly that way. I found that Acceleration on my machine is working FAR better and stable than SP2. It's not placebo effect, I tested it. So Acc. is the way to go from now. I found this guide somewhere and copied it in txt file. ------------------------------------------- FSX INSTALLATION It is VERY important that you heed this install method. You can not install FSX patches back to back without first booting FSX and its default flight, then close the sim, reboot the computer and install the
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    Good! Decent fps with lots of lights!
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    Experience X + some post fx.
  10. Climbing Alps through the passenger window Hello France
  11. 328 downloads

    Set of 3 types of detail textures for concrete/asphalt runways. Runway detail texture act like a bump map, see screenshot for an example. Textures by Predrag Drobac (FSX Workshop).
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