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  1. Errrr no, I'm the man behind the camera of course. I've filmed it! On the left is the captain of course, and the owner of the simulator. On the right is one of the cadet pilots.
  2. As I promised, I'll share my promo video for FlyNG Flying Academy in Professional Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator. Most of the shots were taken during a pilot training flight LYBE -> LYPG. FSX is used as platform (visuals, sounds and external model). Everything else is completely simulated outside FSX. Every single failure and malfunction is simulated (over 1000 failures). The simulator is certificated for professional pilot training. It is located in Belgrade, Serbia, and far as I know it is only one in the Balkan region. http://youtu.be/l9KHO8sywws Enjoy and thanks for watching
  3. In this time of year, it's literally sunset during the whole day. So yeah, it's amazing for screenshots and VFR. Unedited. Thanks for watching!
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    Enjoy the view! Thanks for looking!
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    Pure FSX

    Sorry mate, I've lost enbseries settings some months ago, since I'm not using it anymore. I switched to DX10 and enbseries work only in dx9. SweetFX is much better and more stable if you ask me, and I have beautiful preset for it, check new thread I've posted in screenshots forum.
  6. I started remembering my first steps in FSX few years back,quite funny stuff I must admit. After some simple GA flying with default Maule and C172, I decided to start flying some default jetliners, and later on some routes with my first ever purchase - Flight1 ATR 72. These were some of my quirks: - using reversers to start taxing from the gate, lol. Later on when I found about towing trucks and pushback, and I thought "what kind of stupid pushback thing is this? Reversers are better!". - using VFR flight plans for all flights, even commercial flights with 737 and ATR! Left/r
  7. @iFlysimX press copy recieved?
  8. Can you upload a video or few screenshots, I would like to see it in action. EDIT: saw the video and some screens on their FB page, but I'm still not convinced this is legit.
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    Coming Home

    @iFlysimX tried SweetFX already?
  10. A2A Cherokee (by far), PMDG NGX and QW 757.
  11. SibWings SAAB Safir was the first payware plane I bought (I think) so it has a special place in my simming heart. Except that it is a pretty good and quality addon, but with very bad engine soundset. Well I decided to go to YouTube and capture the best possible cockpit recording and do a realistic freeware soundset. This is the results, and I think it is pretty good and realistic: http://youtu.be/EooJU5knwg4 This is default soundset example: http://youtu.be/QLtgnUI1Agk So it's still a beta version, doesn't include realistic exterior sounds. In this version exterior sounds a
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    Coming Home

    Nope. You can backup your sweetfx preset later when you find the sweetspot.
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    Coming Home

    SweetFX 1.5.1 (latest): http://dropcanvas.com/l46x9/28 My preset that I'm using in FSX (like on screenshots): https://www.dropbox.com/s/88rb27m2ai419yk/SweetFX_settings.txt Unpack the archive to your FSX folder (root), and copy/replace my SweetFX_settings.txt If you find it maybe too bright, I will explain how to adjust the exposure, colouring, etc. After you find your sweetspot preset, you will hate pale, dark, unsaturated tone of default FSX. Well, I hate it, and can't fly without SweetFX anymore. Oh yes, almost forgot, you can disable/enable sweetfx in FSX with Scroll
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    Coming Home

    Not hard, just copy the files to FSX root. You can't mess up FSX with it. Yeah it's complatible with DX10 and the Fixer. Only thing it's not compatible with is triple screen setup. I can share my SweetFX preset if you wish.
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    Coming Home

    Yeah, nothing without SweetFX. I don't have a clue how you manage to fly without it, FSX default colouring is dreadful.
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    Coming Home

    FSX + SweetFX + DX10 Taken some 40 miles south of Landshut, my destination and home airport for all my GA flying. This was the final leg from quite a journey over Europe (Landshut -> Ljubljana -> Split -> Tivat -> Belgrade -> Graz -> Landshut). Lasted for 3 weeks with few days breaks at every city.
  17. "We are not responsible for any damage..." and you need admin privileges to let this tool to MODIFY fsx files!
  18. ... I want to be thiiiiiiiiiiiis big!
  19. I have some more, will upload them soon. cheers
  20. First of all I want to thank the FLY NG academy for the amazing reception and for creating the only full blown professional 737-800 simulator in the region. It is located in Belgrade, Serbia, and it is fully licensed for full pilot training and official test. I did just a quick tour for a start, wanted to feel the cockpit environment and just to chat with the captain with over 13 000 hours. Just sitting in the 1:1 cockpit is amazing, and I simply couldn't believe how different the cockpit look and feel live. How much is just the glareshield panel in front of main displays (at least 40cm), and
  21. I also noticed bugs with visibility depiction with version 22. Flew with C172 around EDDM, and visibility was around 20km, then suddenly it was changed to 80km in a second, after a bit of research I found that I entered the area of another weather station. It's not realistic that 2 neighbour stations depicted visibility completely different. It is a real immersion killer for me, using OPUS since then until they fix that problem.
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