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  1. FSX DX10 + FTXG + FTXG Vector + Airbus X Extended + SweetFX. I wished in that moment that approach should never end. cheers
  2. No tweaking on this one mate. I know you're missing it from FSX, but after reading numerious topics, P3D2 works best in vanilla (default) state without any tweaking, even nvidia inspector is not welcome. Why do you want to tweak it?
  3. Pe11e

    Why ?

    You get stressed or your aircraft? What aircraft in particular?
  4. Pe11e


    To make FSX faster pres R and than + (time acceleration).
  5. I also upgraded my PC a week ago. From C2Q @ 3.5ghz to i7 i3770k @ 4.5ghz. Same GPU and same RAM. Performance improvement is staggering in DX9, almost 2.5 times higher fps! In DX10 maximum fps is maybe better by 10%, but minimum fps is waaay higher, in my case will not drop below 50fps, even on final with Aerosoft Munich, or Oslo 2.0, or even Taxi2Gate LTBA. Amazing! We all know that maximum fps is not important at all (if it's above 60), but minimum and average fps is everything, and automatically dictates smoothness. My FSX install is still fresh, but so far I'm in heaven. I still can't bel
  6. Pe11e

    Air Hauling

    It does work with some modifications. Also it can flash when text appears within simulator, but I don't pay attention anymore.
  7. QW 757 (really great plane, friendly FPS), PMDG 737 & 777 (somewhat hard on frames and especially on memory usage), and my recommendation goes also for CLS MD-80, light on frames like dafult planes, but VC looks awesome and it has decent systems.
  8. Pe11e

    FSX Flatten Issue

    This is probably a problem with priority in scenery library. Make sure you have ORBX!VECTOR entry just below Africa (just above 1107 Base) entry, and ORBX!VECTOR_AEC just below 0000 Base (just above Defacult Scenery) entry.
  9. Not less, just no blurries. With lower FTFF number (0.10) you should see no stutters at all, and higher fps on approach, but that's all in theory. In my case I definitely see less stutters with FTFF=0.10.
  10. If you lock FPS in FSX, you'll see a drop in performance by circa 20%. If you add FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.10 (0.33 is default) under the [Main] section, you'll see a only slight drop in performance while FPS is locked internally. I locked FPS via nVidiaInspector (35fps), and I added FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.10 to get rid of micro stutters, and I still can't see blurries. If you set FPS to unlimited internally and in nVidiaInspector also (off), you'll see blurries because FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.10 is practically 1/3 of work that CPU is doing for fibers (terrain) at default (FTFF=0.3
  11. Yep. Bunch of simmers are fed up with FSX, so they jumped in P3D2 boat without thinking, with all that hype. Some are having a blast with it, some are not delighted, and some are completely in awe how LM can sell it like a original product, and from my point of view, it's FSX with worse performance. MAybe it's butter smooth at 30fps, but add NGX nad some scenery, you will be down to 10-15, insted of 30fps like in FSX. Not worth it.
  12. Yep, Intel Q9505 Core 2 Quad, OC'd to 3.55ghz. I heard that GFX is much more important for P3D2, as DX11 uses it much more than FSX. Sure, CPU has significant impact as in FSX. See Kosta's reviews of P3D2, same experience as mine. http://kostasfsworld.wordpress.com/ I totally agree with him, P3D2 is still too young to be considered as new improved FSX.
  13. C2Q @ 3.5ghz. Unlimited fps in both FSX and P3D2. Same airport, same default scenery, same aircraft (Maule) - FSX: ~80fps, P3D2: ~40fps. 50% lower fps for exact same visual quality, apsolutely not acceptable. I really don't want to buy some crazy GFX, like nvidia 7xx series, to get same fps as in FSX.
  14. Why Anisotropic at 8x, and fps locked at 58? Hmmmmmm.
  15. GTX 560 OC, which is not enough at all for P3D2. I can use only default aircraft/scenery at 30fps. Everything beyond that will drop to 15-20 easily.
  16. Share the tweaks mate, it would be a good thing to know when other users are having the same issue.
  17. I have P3D2, and I didn't touch it for a month already, far worse fps in VANILLA state (default) than FSX with bunch of addons. I don't have good graphics card for it at the moment. I didn't tried 2.1 even, because I don't want to fly default FSX with less stutters and volumetric fog. If I add some complex plane, and few addons, fps in P3D2 will not exceed 15-20 at any moment. I have at least 30fps with NGX in FSX.
  18. Hehe, thank mate, It's a honest review. As I said, can't live with it, can't live without it.
  19. This will be shortest, but yet the most honest review of FSX. I admit, I can't imagine my free time without FSX, I'm an flight simulation addict, and I found myself wrapped in festival of addons, power of choice, the whole planet of FTX Global + landclass.................. BUT: FSX is like an old car. You love it, you are passionate about it, but it can give you headaches over and over again. It will broke every now and then, you must mantain it, and you MUST avoid potholes on the road like a plague! In our case, potholes are bunch of addons, and system related games (overclocking, alt
  20. Try installing DXT1 water animation textures, not 32bit. I had a problem wtih huge fps drop with 32bit water animation textures (waves).
  21. Que? Of course you can use them!!! You can freely install REX4 textures, and my SKY textures! My SKY textures will replace ONLY DAY SKY, which means morning, day and afternoon sky will be replaced. Any other REX4 texture, dawn, dusk, runways, clouds, water, etc, etc, will be there. I made sky textures especially for my SweetFX preset, as you can see, to made it brighter, and more realistic. I really dodn't know why you would keep REX4 DAY SKY textures with my sweetfx preset? In that case DAY SKY will be very bright with wrong colors.
  22. I suggest lowering the exposure, because lowering blend from 0.9 to .x will change the color correction, and automatically you will lose the preset shown in the screenshots.
  23. Of course, you can change everything in SweetFX. Either change this value for notch or two (to 0.7/0.8) /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Cineon DPX settings / '-----------------------------------------------------------*/ #define Red 12.0 //[1.0 to 15.0] #define Green 9.0 //[1.0 to 15.0] #define Blue 9.0 //[1.0 to 15.0] #define ColorGamma 1.5 //[0.1 to 2.5] Adjusts the colorfulness of the effect in a manner similar to Vibrance. 1.0 is neutral. #define DPXSaturation 1.0 //[0.0 to
  24. Thanks mate. Photorealism is my nightmare, because I've lost too much time already to achieve it. Maybe I succeded, who knows. SCROLL LOCK button will turn it on/off, but I think it is turned on by default. If you installed REX4 Sky textures (probably), this set will overwrite DAY sky textures (morning, noon and afternoon). INSTALLATION PROCEDURE: First, you need SweetFX 1.5.1 postfx plugin from here: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=381912 - Unpack it to the root of FSX directory. So you should have now new "SweetFX" folder in FSX folder, and swee
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