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  1. I nailed it! After who knows how many months of tweaking SweetFX values, and tweaking my own sky textures (morning, noon and afternoon), I finally got what I searched for. Before I get started, I must warn that sky textures and sweetfx preset is calibrated for my monitor and in DX9 mode. I hate dark visuals in FSX, so I made brighter SweetFX preset with some calibrated colors for photorealism. I bet that on 90% of monitors this will look good. If not, just tweak a bit this values in sweetfx: /*-----------------------------------------------------------. / Ci
  2. Thanks mate! How do you mean weird? Can you tell me the time exactly?
  3. Welcome To Skiathos, Europe's St. Maarten. https://vimeo.com/81333440 My first FSX dedicated video, but not the first video I made (video editing is my job). I hope you'll really enjoy it, as much as I did making it. Cheers and thank you in advance for feedback!
  4. wooooooooooowwwwwww! Is this a photo lol?
  5. On my system it works TERRIBLE. Stutters all around, and bugs with AA. Higher I fly, lower FPS with AA enabled. Weird. Tried everything and eventually I was back on DX9. Wasted money for me. I will try DX10 again, but with his free shader fixes, I had good performance with these.
  6. From the album: FSX World

    Dusk (Dust) In The Wind Unedited shot
  7. FPS is the same in my case, windows vs fullscreen. But I use only windowed mode, how to fiddle with all those addon windows (AS2012, FSCaptain, etc) in fullscreen?
  8. Pilot's reaction after looking at the most attractive woman on the beach: - "positive rate, gear up!" Reaction during leaving money in the bank: - "30... 20... 10... retard, retard!" In the shopping: - "Before paying checklist. Meat, check... vegetables, check... cookies, as required... money, down and three green. Before paying checklist completed." When driving a car and the fuel is low: - "Minimums... continue." My own jokes. Probably these are not that funny. :-) So share some pilot/aviation jokes! Sent from my U8815 using Tapatalk 2
  9. It flies like the real C172, it's A2A for a simmers sake. You really have the feel of the "breathing machine" when flying it, and that is the whole point. Also it is essential to learn how to properly handle the plane, engine management, etc. It even has pre flight inspection. Oil can change the color if it's old, you can have a minor fuel rpoblems and you must inspect that, etc. The best part is the plane gets older even when your PC is off. So if you are not flying it for a long time, oil can change, and you can have a problem starting the engine also. Loving that plane! I truly feel li
  10. Very nice! You didn't used FSRecorder?
  11. Basically yes. You can try to implement posky T7 model for your pmdg T7, I bet you will gain few frames.
  12. Before I get started, this tweak is for users that doesn't have high end system, like me. My Q9505@3.6ghz can't cope with NGX. I mean it's flyable (from 20 to 30fps) but on finals with AI planes fps tends to go under 20, with lots of stutter. So I tried something simple, and it worked like a charm! This tweak is perfect for VC flyers that doesn't, or rarely use external view (spot view). Even if you are using external views, you can adapt this tweak. If you are very fond to watching and adore fantastic external model of NGX, skip this tweak and enjoy lower fps. So, I simply copied ext
  13. Glad to see you migrated to DX10. It's not about FPS, it's all about smoothness and stability. With this fixer most of the dx9 stuff will work in dx10. I'm currently in dx9 mode, mostly because of FTXG lighting and some payware airports compatibility, but soon I purchase dx fixer I will be back in dx10 in no time.
  14. Eh? You can't copy addons, install one by one then run FSX. Sent from my U8815 using Tapatalk 2
  15. Pe11e

    Air Hauling

    Few shots from Sion approach. No editing, just FSX + SweetFX. Scenery: FSEarthTiles 0.5m/p.
  16. This should help: http://rfinder.asalink.net/free/ http://www.edi-gla.co.uk/fpl/index.php
  17. Tweaking? Nope. Just copy Steve Shader Pack and you are good to go, I even didn't tweaked cfg, it's all the same like in DX9.
  18. Just uncheck the addon scenery you will not use in the next flight, simple as that. Sent from my U8815 using Tapatalk 2
  19. Uncheck it in the scenery library before you start a flight. Also make sure you have uiautomationcore.dll in fsx root folder, let the windows manage the size of swap file, aaaand there is another tweak related to windows heap something something. I will find the link and paste it here. Aaaaaaaaand you try DX10 mode, it it prone to OOMs, alredy tested and proven by simmers. Sent from my U8815 using Tapatalk 2
  20. I used once WOAI, and that was it. Installer for every livery is pain in the a**. And yes, it leaves a lot of junk after uninstall, I hate that. MyTraffic X is still my fav and the best solution. Sent from my U8815 using Tapatalk 2
  21. I don't know, some users claim. My bet is that a developer is using models from other addons.
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