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  1. I heard that Global AI Traffic is a pirated freeware software?
  2. Ermmmm, who doesn't? 5% of buyers? It is a PMDG for a christ sake. I didn't bought it yet, and I know it is an amazing airplane.
  3. This poll should be legit if all of participants are using same hardware.
  4. You probably asking this because of OOM on Twitch last night? T7 uses more memory than 737NGX + Global + AiTraffic + Addon Airport = OOM. And 737NGX uses much memory already! I heard that Scenery Complexity on Very Dense (instead on Extremely Dense) cures OOMs. Try it, you don't have nothing to lose. Also keep Autogen Density below Extremely Dense. Also LOD_RADIUS=4.500000 is a must when flying an airliner! Keep your AITraffic % on low values (20-40%).
  5. A2A C172 is amazing so far, it feels like a real Cessna airplane, truly it is. I flown one short flight though, more experience to come. And wait, what?! I LOVE FTXG! I don't need an unistaller, who wants to go back to default? No thanks.
  6. I can't even think about this plane right now, enjoying to much with A2A C172 right now, and I don't have the money 90$ is freaking a lot. I bought FTXG in august, and C172 last night, where I can get another 90$? @iFlysimX Describe a little bit your impression with T7, a little bit more detailed impressioon, rather than "Guys this bird is AMAZING!!!".
  7. In no particular order: - Water refelections - AI planes - car traffic - autogen I keep Water reflections at 2x Low when flying tubeliners, no sense keeping reflections cause you can't see them, unless you on approach near the sea or lake, but again you don't have much time to look throught the window due to workload, checklists, ILS, AP, etc.... When I fly slow and low (VFR), or maybe float plane, I set WR to 2x High or Max to enjoy the view.
  8. It's out! Can't wait to fly it. Sent from my HUAWEI U8815 using Tapatalk 4
  9. It is strongly suggested that you should install Acceleration over fresh FSX install, without SP1 and SP2. They say that installing ACC over SP2 is risky.
  10. Autopilot is the best friend when you have cold. Get well soon!
  11. Blog without commenting feature is like the football match without crowd. It's silent and somehow boring to watch.
  12. http://a2asimulations.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=35525 Just watched this video and I felt sensation just like that! It is that good! Can't bloody wait!
  13. Worst scenery, and the worst purchase I had. Photo textures are so bad, totally off with colors. Autogen textures do not match photo textures at all, it looks awful. Photo textures are very pale, like you are flying above one huge broccoli. Aerosoft's VFR Germany series are not better, same case - awful photo textures. I really don't get the developers. Is it too hard to proccess all the textures in Photoshop, to add some contrast and a bit of color correction? And the price of Swiss Proffesional X is too freaking much for that quality. I hate that product so much that I start bashing it soon
  14. It will not slow your FSX down, you will possibly get slightly better frames with much more better and more dense autogen, and I'm not even starting to talk about fantastic textures.
  15. I don't compare them because it is impossible. Instead, I use them both with pleasure.
  16. Accu-Feel is adding various sounds, and also overhauling turbulence effects on an airplane. EZDOK is only dealing with cameras.
  17. - PMDG 737NGX - FTX Global (can't fly without it anymore) - Project Airbus A320/321 (can't fly without it anymore) - FSCaptain (can't fly without it anymore) - A2A AccuFeel (can't fly without it anymore) - ActiveSky 2012 or OPUSFSX - REX - EZDOK (can't fly without it anymore) EDIT: Damn I forgot EZDOK, that is a blasphemy!
  18. This problem is mostly connected to SHADER folder. As Kosta said, delete SHADER folders in c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX\
  19. Far as I know ACC pack includes both SP1 and SP2 fixes.
  20. I have a camera set for PA A320, with ground camera shake & landing effect. I tweaked like 20 times so far. This last one is the best (so far, lol). https://www.dropbox.com/s/dgmmx6wkst227qx/PA%20A320.ecs Copy it to users\username\Documents\ezdok profiles Just Import the camera set to A319 and enjoy.
  21. I can't fly without it. To be honest I'm fairly lost without it, lol. It is VERY easy to set up, I can set up 6 cameras and my effects in new airplane in 3 minutes. There are lot of ezdok tutorials: cameras: http://youtu.be/zij12SpCcf4 http://youtu.be/CpooNVU070w http://youtu.be/KapuR0-_wTo effects: http://youtu.be/LVO1JBceGzk http://youtu.be/lRJh2aaVhiY
  22. THe autor of this plane said to me it is V5 now. Check few last pages for Panel 0.62 CFM & IAE.zip
  23. Check this thread: http://talk.pafs.wf/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=1942 On first page you have the link for V3 complete package. Also check last page for panel update!
  24. @Ted_Striker Tell me nothing, my fav liner is Project Airbus A320 V5, mostly becuase it is very light on frames, and it is generally a overhauled version of default A321, wih few more switches, FMS, TCAS, etc. And the developer still pushing it hard to improve.
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