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  1. I'm reading on various places that CS 777 is full of bugs. Also it is very hard on frames. No thanks.
  2. Lol, why did you bought it just before the PMDG T7 release? PMDG will be better for sure.
  3. Bought it today, and spent 2 hours roaming around the world. FTXG is amazing! Holy cow, I don't have a need for photo sceneries anymore, FTXG is photo realistic enough to me. Mostly flying in Europe so I don't care about some misplaced textures (Grand Canyon). I have UTX + SceneryTech combination for this, and after this roaming I must say that FTXG is the best thing happened to FSX. And above all, I run it with autogen slider maxed, didn't notice fps hit, maybe 2-3fps. Night lighting is a eye opener. Waiting for DX10 fix.
  4. Pe11e

    FSX Bloopers

    I had one last night, it's pretty idiotic. Fired up FSX, decided to fly Munich - Warsaw, made a flightplan, fired up FSCaptain... On approach I noticed that I didn't got any vectors to intercept ILS, just cleared to land (using PFE). And I realised that I stupidly chose wrong destination airport (Babice GA airport) in the flightplan. Also on approach I've got a mechanical failure, Pitot tube blockage, due to a bird strike right after TO, but I didn't saw any anomaloes so I continued to the destination normally. So without airspeed readings, I was on final in front of short GA airfield, and
  5. Noooooooooooo, wait till tomorrow! I'm going to sleep now, If I manage to not think about FTX Global.
  6. Or either it is an issue with a licence...?
  7. MyTraffic X - with 20-30 planes on the Munich airport, FPS is lower only by 15%. Beat that!
  8. Why do you like Global AI more? Better FPS (impossible)? Realistic schedules (not important to me)? Better models (also not important to me because it will eat fps)?
  9. Far as I know this is the issue with the pirated version of the plane.
  10. I used once CCleaner or simliar software (not sure), and it screwed Firefox and some other stuff. I really don't love that cleaner type software, they can erase some important registry keys.
  11. http://stevesfsxanalysis.wordpress.com/ and his DX10 Shader Fixers V3.2.2 http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxmisc&DLID=173811
  12. I had freezing issues few months ago. Then I started to experiment with AffinityMask, and later I migrated to DX10. Now it is all perfect, smooth flights as a butter. DX10 uses graphic card much more, so no more enormous workload by the CPU. Also, 30fps in dx9 feels like 20fps, and 30fps in dx10 feels like 40fps, brilliant.
  13. They are working on a new version of AeroflyFS, it should be muc more FSXish - much more realistic. They posted a shot with Airbus cockpit I think.
  14. Yes! I've got it at last. Did a jump from FSPassengers to FSCaptain in a day, and to be honest I don't miss airline management stuff at all. Most of all I can fly any airplane without thinking "daaamn, I must earn 60 million bloody dollars to fly this plane". First of all, I really like the whole FCDU concept of communicating with crew and dispatch. The thing that got me excited is that FO and FA have many things to say and announce. The number of FA announcements is way bigger than in FSP. Some announcements have two versions (slightly different sentences), brilliant. I also LOVE that I c
  15. Full list: 1. Junkers Ju 52/3m 2. IL-14S 3. Douglas C-47 Skytrain 4. Sud Aviation S.210 Caravelle 5. Tiger Moth 6. Fieseler Storch 7. North American Harvard II B 8. Bücker Bü 133D-1 Jungmeister 9. Mil Mi-2 & Ikarus Kosava 10. Utva 65S 11. Soko 522 12. Utva Vrabac A 13. Utva 66H 14. Republic F-47D-40-RE Thunderbolt 15. Jak-3 16. Spitfire 17. Nieuport N.XI B1 Bébé & Bücker Bü 133D-1 Jungmeister 18. Ikarus 451 19. Ikarus 451MM Stršljen II cheers
  16. Where to start, hmmmm. Ok, I'm using AS2012 for weather and Accu-Feel. And I simply can't recognise when AS2012 is making turbulence, and also when Accu-Feel is playing with that same turbulence. First of all, does Accu-Feel override AS2012 turbulence or it will add some turbulence over AS2012 one? Also with global turbulence slider at 100 in Accu-Feel, default Learjet is tumbling at FL300 like it is made of wood. I found that lowering global turbulence to 20 corrects this issue. Second confusing stuff is PFE conflicting with default ATC. For example when taxing to the runway, default ATC
  17. 1. correct! 3. sort of correct - it's Douglas C-47 Skytrain, but is developed from the DC-3 5. correct 6. correct 10. wrong - Utva 65S 14. yep Republic F-47D-40-RE Thunderbolt 15. wrong - Jak-3 16. ofcourse 19. it is hard one I know - it's Ikarus 451MM Stršljen II
  18. Probably.. but... with FBW deactivated A320 is agile like B737 for example, and that's normal, and I'm used to that. With FBW every stick movement is followed by a delayed airplane reaction. I'm talking about PA320, I didn't tested AXE cause it is hard on FPS on my system. My landing are in 50-150fpm range with FBW off, so you can say I'm an experienced pilot.
  19. I heard the same story for AXE, some users have difficult time to land an airplane with FBW. The thing is, with FBW activated, the controls seems slow and sluggish, and I see a delay between commands and airplane reaction. With FWB off everything is back to normal. I'm starting to ask myself what in the world FBW is good for?
  20. I don't care is it realistic if I kill all the passengers on almost every landing, lol. Look up at the up-left side of the overhaed panel FLT CTL section, and deactivate ELAC 1, SEC 1 and FAC 1.
  21. Fly By Wire man, the most used abbreviation in Airbus world. I crashed or hard landed few times in PA320 with FBW activated.
  22. Oh what a wonderful day that was. All photos were taken at the Aeronautical Museum in Belgrade (my hometown), Serbia. So, let's play guess the airplane? Shall we? Some are tougher to guess, some are pretty easy, and some are Yugoslavian planes. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19.
  23. I can't land at all with FBW activated, so that is the first tip of the day.
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    Hmmmm it dropped to next page... FSND FSX Boeing 737-800 Upgraded Cockpit V2 http://simviation.com/1/browse-Civil+Jets-55-61
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