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  1. Microsoft killed the service few months ago.
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    http://simviation.com/1/browse-Civil+Jets-55-60?mark=39558#39558 It's perfect. - fantastic fps (default 737 overhaul) - enough systems and switches to keep you entertained
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    Ofcourse it is.
  4. FranceVFR Corse, water is tweaked with FS Water Configurator.
  5. No editing, just some SweetFX contrast + a bit higher exposure. That water. Just after take off Gaining altitude A bit of Corsica Descending Sunset landing There is no place like home
  6. As I heard, that is happening sometimes with FSPassengers. Do you have FSP?
  7. Pe11e

    MJC8 Q400!

    +1 I find 2D Panel quite funny, it's like your a flying with a piece of wooden board in front of your face.
  8. Airport Overhaul X is coming along veeeery slowly. I have some more important stuff to do at the moment. AOX is very demanding product, I must do a complete rework of a large number of airport building textures. And, believe it or not, some textures are 64x64 pixels resolution, so it is also hard to find a such a small texture that I saw on a random airport, sometimes almost impossible to recognise it. Also, my plan to do a bunch of textures that you can choose and then apply for one of many airport terminal textures you can find in FSX, is cancelled simply because almost every bigger (interna
  9. AS2012 has some better textures than REX, and the number of some textures for airport is stunning. Great package all in one, for me it is still the best weather addon. I don't like how OPUS implemented visibility smoothing, looks awful like in default FSX.
  10. Try asking on official REX forums, if they can't help you, no one can.
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    Pretty much like ENBseries, but more stable and it works with DX10 as far as I know. I finally managed to get more natural and brighter visuals without changing to SPLENDID mode on my ASUS. Note: I'm using Aime Leclercq's Summer Texture Pack (terrain textures are bit more dark and more natural looking than default ones). https://sites.google.com/site/aimecreations/freeware-fsx/summer-textures Default: With my SweetFX settings: Also, if you find this too bright, lower the exposure by 0.10 or 0.20. SweetFX download: http://www.guru3d.com/files_get/sweetfx_shader
  12. MyTraffic X 5.4 I'm using it for years, and I don't see a need to change it. It has few options for models, so it is light on FPS if you choose them. Sky is very crowded with pretty amazing number of airlines. It also has military planes and GA.
  13. Wrong, I always use F2 to activate reverse thrust when in FSX without joysticks.
  14. Are yoo using lates build (SP2 official)? They implemented something for better cloud coverage on overcast weather. But you have a fix for that, open fsx.cfg and change: CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=8 to CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=10 (or 12) But it will also bring more clouds overall when the weather is fine.
  15. Not using GIMP and Linux, sorry
  16. I've got some serious help from Kosta on some IFR basics and I decided to share it wiht you, it's a very good read to simmers that are trying to catch all the phrases, procedures, and rules of realistic commercial IFR flying, and still found themselves somewhere in between (not fully realistic). I call that hitchhiking. So, huge thanks to Srdan Kostic (aka Kosta) for writting this text and for helping me and other IFR noobs out there. This text is mostly about how realistic flight plan should looks like, what is SID, STAR, when to use VOR's or NDB's, and so on. Also if you are not so
  17. Damn guys, don't tease me. If I find some spare time for that, I'll do it also for PMDG 737, but don't take it as yes. I'm still focused on NEO and freestyle repaing for AXE.
  18. If it will eat the FPS like NGX - five dollars.
  19. I became your official repainter, lol. I don't know how that happened.
  20. Glad you guys like it. I might do another repaint with some freestyle colors. Also this repaint will be also available for Neo version.
  21. Just to be clear, I'm not talking only about the most quality engine sound in FSX (like the Airbus X one or PMDG 737NGX), I'm talking about the best engine sound, the sound that keep you excited on take offs. Jetliner: 757 (soundset by Skyhigh Audio Simulations), I just love that engine groan! Prop: C337 Carenado, bloody awesome Alternatives: jetliner: PMDG 737NGX (who can resist to that audio realism?) prop: Milviz C310R, or BN2 Islander
  22. This forum is promoted as liberate, and threads are not consuming space on HD - so leave them. Simple politics, no headaches.
  23. Yes, but that is the downside of photo scenery, unless it is captured at noon.
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