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  1. I am amazed how good Aerofly FS looks! It is simply by far the best looking flight "sim" to date. Resolution of photo scenery is stunning, maybe even 30cm/p. Swiss is a perfect place to do a VFR flight. I'm not regreting a single cent for buying it, considering it has very simple planes. Although it has very good physics. Enjoy!
  2. Really nice. FPS will tend to go lower that 15
  3. Noonnonono, Large Adress Aware is already included in FSX SP2. 64bit will add a possibility P3D to use more than 4gb of RAM, like X-Plane 10 64bit.
  4. Pe11e

    ES Freebirds

    LOL PMDG Condor X, with sharklets
  5. Pe11e

    ES Freebirds

    Bird Simulator X
  6. Pe11e

    ES Freebirds

    http://www.earthsimulations.com/es-freebirds.html awesome!
  7. Then the only conclusion is something is wrong with AXE. If Aerosoft can't solve it, who can?
  8. As far as I know, SP2 and Acceleration includes Large Adress Aware fix.
  9. Reset nvidia inspector settings to defaults? Did you overclocked your GPU? I will be out of ideas soon. EDIT: I've just noticed this line in your cfg: SHADER_CACHE_VERSION=1 delete it. Better to delete 2 shader folders manually then to fiddle with this parameter. I have no idea what issue can cause this parameter when you manually delete shader folders (as you did).
  10. c:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Microsoft\FSX\ delete both of shader folders. FSX will create new ones, don't worry, and it will regenerate shader files. If this don't work, try to uninstall Shader 3.0 mod from boyote, if you are using it.
  11. Bufferpools=0? Try to delete bufferpool section (or add // in front of all bufferpools lines) and test it.
  12. http://kostasfsworld.wordpress.com/fsx-software-and-hardware-guide/
  13. I completely wiped out Win7 and reinstalled it few days ago, so I'm currently in FSX reinstall state. due to lack of time, every day I will install one addon only (UTX, MyTraffic...). Interesting tests so far! Before Win7 and FSX reinstall, FPS was around 60 in my test situation on EDDM, with MyTraffic @ 24%, UTX + SceneryTech + FSGenesis Europe mesh + REX textures. I loaded same situation after FSX + Acceleration reinstall and saw mindblowing 95 fps! I'm quite interested will FPS drop to ~60 again after all addons installed. I will test this properly: 10 test fps 20 install one addon 3
  14. Wow. The difference is unrealisticaly huge! I tested FTFF once with locked frames at 30, kept FTFF at 0.20, then 0.15, on my system it behaving strange, better fps by 10% maybe, but scenery loading is slower by far. Didn't test it with NGX, PMDG kills FPS like it is payed to do that. On my system unlimited frames and default FTFF works like a charm, with tweaked bufferpools. I spent at least two weeks tweaking fsx.cfg two years ago, and it was wasted time regarding perfomance. But I learned a lot about certain parameters, and when to use them. The thing is, I changed motherboard, cpu and gpu
  15. Hmmm, I didn't tested FTFF in ORBX regions, only in Europe + UTX, didn't notice any fps boost (maybe 5% max). FTFF works fine with limited frames, I keep main at unlimited.
  16. Exactly. Anyway this section needs corrections: BufferPools=0 PoolSize=0 RejectThreshold=786432 First of all, if you don't have a GPU with more than 1gb of ram, then poolsize=0 is not a good idea. If you want to keep it, then bufferppol section must look like this: [bUFFERPOOLS] PoolSize=0 (or usepools=0) RejectThreshold works only with enabled pool and poolsize=x, as far as I know. [sCENERY] SmallPartRejectRadius=2 Does nothing significant on good systems (no FSP gain). I've tested it. [TERRAIN] SWAP_WAIT_TIMEOUT=10 Same goes to this tweak, apsolutely unnecessa
  17. You mean the textures are better, or Wales is generally different?
  18. Hmmmm, what is the difference between FTX England and Wales? I know that England didn't get best marks.
  19. Pe11e

    Aerosoft AES 2.30!

    Impossible? I don't get it. I don't have fancy CPU, so it is pretty realistic to get around 30fps in fron of Aerosoft EDDM in PA 320. Also AES adds bunch of vehicles on airports, detailed than default FSX vehicles, so it's logical. As I said FSX is running pretty good on my system without AES, smooth, frames above 40-50 while cruising, all sliders maxed except autogen @dense.
  20. I think every model and livery is custom in MTx.
  21. MyTraffic X for the win. Incredibly light on FPS, tons of airlines, GA, Military planes. Few times I saw Tornado or F16 overtook my A320, fantastic!
  22. Nope, only when you click on some app in the taskbar when running FSX in window mode.
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