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  1. Hello Yves, Sorry, I did not see your message as it was posted outside our support forum (which is here: https://forum.iflysimx.com/forum/89-jetstream-designs/ ) In the future we plan to set static aircraft as an option in Contrail (future Contrail versions should allow such feature). At the moment it is not possible due to the way sceneries are handled by MSFS. 😕 Best regards, Thomas
  2. Hello, I will check and report back Regards, Thomas
  3. Hello Aharon, It looks indeed that one file is missing. Could you please copy the LFML_ADEX_TLG_ALT.BGL file (enclosed to this message) into your scenery/world/scenery folder ? It should solve the issue Best regards, Thomas LFML_ADEX_TLG_ALT.BGL
  4. I was just wondering, when the FMC / MCDU selects an approach + ILS, isn't it using data from its own database? I will check on my side if this could be related to the scenery, but I have my doubts as we did not modify anything navigation related (frequencies and approaches are default).
  5. Hello, This is a good question. Actually we have not modified any frequency on the LFPO scenery. They are all default (as they are accurate). I also tested each approach and could get the ILS signal without any issue (I used the Flybywire A320). So at the moment I'm not sure what could prevent your aircraft systems to get the ILS signal, unfortunately 😕 .
  6. Hello, This is a quite weird issue. It only happens when looking towards North on some systems. At the moment I can't replicate this issue with my "vanilla" P3D V5 install. I'm still investigating and will hopefully be able to replicate the issue so I can find a solution. I'll keep you updated if something new .
  7. To install into P3D V5, you'll just need to use the P3D V5 installer (it's a standalone installer )
  8. Bonjour. Marseille est prévue pour MSFS en effet. Et ce sera une version refaite de A à Z
  9. Hello Here is the changelog: Version 1.1, Updated 30th of December 2020: - added fuel services - modified jetways lenght at some gates - no more trees on the apron when using scenery without the Bing Maps World Graphics - detail added to Hall 1 roof About the statics, at the moment the sim does not really allow configurators (or at least it's very tricky to do), but a solution is currently being worked and will hopefully allow to add the statics as an option
  10. Hello Ronald, This indeed should not happen. Could you please send me your "scenery.cfg" file by private message, so I can check if there is any error? (the file is located into: C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5 ) Best regards, Thomas
  11. Bonjour, Normalement le chemin d’accès à la scène est JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs LFML X 2013 P3Dv5. Vous pouvez supprimer l'entrée qui pose problème via le scenery library, et ensuite vous faites un "add area" et vous ajoutez JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs LFML X 2013 P3Dv5 Tout devrait rentrer dans l'ordre
  12. Hello Michael, You'll be please to know that an update is currently being completed, and the fuel truck feature will be included. The update is really close to being released too Best regards, Thomas
  13. Hello Igor, In order for this floating structure to disappear, you have to set your mesh resolution to at least 5 meters (2 or 1 meters are even better) in your graphic options Best regards, Thomas
  14. The way these bridges are made is often very difficult to implement into the sim. There are many limitations. I will try again, but if this keeps happening, i think i will make this area "flat " so there are no problems anymore when taxiing. Merry christmas to you too ! 😉
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