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  1. JetStream Designs

    Scenery error

    Hello, In order to solve this "floating windows" issue, you just need to set your mesh resolution to 5 meters ( 2 meters or 1 meter are even better). Best regards, Thomas
  2. JetStream Designs

    LFML elevation problem in P3Dv4

    Hello asustech, Just to make sure, did you install the scenery using installer " JetStream_LFML_P3DV4.exe " ? At the end of install, make sure to add the scenery to the "scenery library" in P3D V4 (like shown in the enclosed PDF file below). Best regards, Thomas Please Read LFML update P3D V4 install.pdf
  3. JetStream Designs

    Runway 24

    Hello Manual, You are right, Ai traffic often behaves very strangely. I have witnessed indeed an issue at W43 where some aircraft will enter the RWY at W43 and exit at W45 and then use W47 to go all the way to RWY 06. This is due to the fact that Ai will take the shortest way to the RWY, even if this means entering the RWY and exit it just to enter it again later. Unfortunately, if I "cut" W43, planes landing on RWY 06 won't use this high speed exit and thus might take a very long time on the runway unless they land short enough to use W44. I will try to modify a few elements to improve smoothness with AI traffic, but no promises on the result Best regards, Thomas
  4. JetStream Designs

    FSX Bridged Taxi Way

    Hello, Setting your "mesh resolution" in the graphic options should solve the problem Best regards, Thomas
  5. JetStream Designs

    LFRS problem

    You are welcome Mr STEVANT
  6. JetStream Designs

    LFRS problem

    Hello, Did you try setting your scenery complexity (in the P3D display options) to extremely dense? Best regards, Thomas
  7. Hello, Support is slower at the moment due to Summer holiday. To answer your question about the Eurocopter buildings, even creating an exclude for the FVFR file would not work, as their file is not a default file. It is not possible to create an exclude for another scenery's custom model.
  8. JetStream Designs

    LICJ is unusable

    Glad you got it fixed. There are indeed some files that need to be installed into the default folders to make the scenery work. Best regards, Thomas
  9. JetStream Designs


    Hello, Unfortunately a refund is not possible as the product is sold by SimMarket, and refunds are not possible there. Also, the product's page does not state it is compatible with P3D V4. This being said, I'm sure there is a solution to make the scenery work on your P3D V4 (it is working "unofficially" on my PC, there is no reason it won't work on yours). We just have to find out where the issue comes from, and this is just a matter of time. I'm currently on Summer holiday with a limited internet access. I'll get in touch with you once i'm back ;) Best regards, Thomas
  10. JetStream Designs


    Hello, On the official product's page at SimMarket, the scenery is not listed as P3D V4 compatible (please see the "requirements" part: https://secure.simmarket.com/jetstream-designs-metz-nancy-lorraine-x_fsxp3dv2.phtml ). DCTRY.net is not the official product's page, we did not add the scenery entry there. However, on my computer the scenery shows just fine in P3D V4. We'll check why the scenery shows like that on your PC. It looks like the buildings textures are not shown. It could either be a faulty install or a shaders issue. How did you install the scenery into P3D V4? Did you copy the files into the sim folders and add it to the library? Best regards, Thomas
  11. Hello, At the moment I have no idea what could be the issue there. I have ORBX FTX Global and vector installed and experience no disappearing ground. I have to investigate more and try to reproduce the same issue on my PC. Best regards, Thomas
  12. Hello, Is your PACA 2 VFR this package? https://www.francevfr.com/product_vfrpa2p3d.htm This is the latest version of PACA 2 VFR, our scenery was tested with the previous version of the product. However, it should work the same. You are right, the files are missing from our installer. We currently are in the process of redoing several installers to include the latest updates. In the meantime, here are the needed files: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9xgbizy9vkxff0o/LFML_Flattens_FranceVFR.zip?dl=0 The "backup" folder is just an empty folder to put the files you need to remove from the PACA2 VFR product to make our scenery compatible. Hope this helps! Thomas
  13. JetStream Designs

    LFPO Fence

    Hello Greg, Are using tomato shade with your P3D V4? I experienced the same issue with fences and distorted ground polygons since P3D V4.5, when using tomato shade (this happened on several sceneries made by other developers too). On my computer, I solved this issue by restoring the default shaders, and regenerate the shaders. I'm now using the newest Tomato shade version without any issue. Maybe you could try this as well. Best regards, Thomas
  14. JetStream Designs

    Dirt on taxiways

    I'm glad the issue is solved on your side too. I agree that it is always a "pain" for the customer to deal with several fixes. Within a week I will be recompiling several installers for the different sceneries so they include all updates. Thank you for your comment about Toulouse. This is an exciting project, and I'm very proud to see it released under the Flightbeam brand! Best regards, Thomas
  15. JetStream Designs

    texture appareils enterrer

    Bonjour, Il doit y avoir un conflit avec PACA VFR. Avez-vous "neutralisé" les fichiers LFML de PACA VFR?