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  1. JetStream Designs

    No jetways even with update

    Hello Valentin, Would you share which settings you changed to show the jetways? (might be useful for other users ) Thanks! Thomas
  2. Hello, Please find enclosed the files to install into Prepar3D v4 (or V3)\JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique\scenery in order to get the new PAPI 03. Before installing, just make sure you reset the scenery to "default" in the scenery configurator (you can change the settings again once you have installed the new PAPI files) Best regards, LFRS_PAPI03.zip
  3. JetStream Designs

    [P3D4.4] LFRS Nantes installation error

    Hello Ted, Glad to know it could install flawlessly this time
  4. Thank you for your feedback! This will help other users when they face the same problem Alexandre, je vous remercie beaucoup d'avoir pris le temps de noter notre scène sur SimMarket!
  5. Hello to both of you, I'm pretty sure this is a Mip Maps issue. Sometimes a bad setting in your graphic card parameters can lead to such issue. Is your graphic card an older one?
  6. Hello Kim, Thanks for your kind words about our scenery! About your lights issue, I think this is due to Mip Maps. This can be easily solved by changing a parameter into P3D. Go to "options" -> Display. Then change the "texture filtering" from "trilinear" to "anistropic". Things should improve Best regards, Thomas
  7. Hi, Sometimes, installers mess with that scenery.cfg file and write layers the wrong way. Our installer always checks the integrity of the scenery.cfg before adding our scenery to it. This is to avoid any damage to the file. You can add the scenery manually using the "scenery library tool" from P3D, Little Rock will show in your sim Best regards,
  8. Hi Bill, That new installer was made to make the install process into P3D V4 more convenient. Previous version was a bit "tricky" to install. It also adds the dynamic lights. Hi Pete, About the jetways, dis you install the latest SODE program? The dynamic jetways need SODE to operate properly: https://sode.12bpilot.ch/?page_id=9 Best regards, Thomas
  9. JetStream Designs

    LFPO misplaced taxi traffic signs

    Hello Reccio, These look like default taxiway signs, and are not included into our scenery. Maybe you have another AFCAD file for Orly? Are you using France VFR Ile de France? I think there are some LFPO files to switch to OFF as they add default objects on our scenery Best regards, Thomas
  10. Hi Erik, This is indeed related to the number of dynamic lights shown in that Paris area. They will simply disappear when you look towards Charles de Gaulle airport. This is where our "No Ai traffic at LFPG" option gets another point: It solves this disappearing DL issue as it removes the Ai traffic at LFPG (ai Traffic often comes with DL for each aircraft, so that can be a hige number of DL loaded at once). And you also have that solution you share with changing the max number of DL in the P3D CFG file
  11. JetStream Designs

    LICJ - Prepar3D v4.4 Ground problem

    Glad to know this file solved the issue. It is an "exclude airport boundaries" file, which makes sure to exclude all default airport general boundaries.
  12. JetStream Designs

    LICJ - Prepar3D v4.4 Ground problem

    Can you try the file enclosed to this message? (please install into Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\JetStream Designs Palermo LICJ P3Dv4\Scenery ) cvx_Excl_AP_boundaries_LICJ.BGL
  13. JetStream Designs

    LICJ - Prepar3D v4.4 Ground problem

    This is very weird. One possibility would be the use of a traffic addon which adds generic afcads to many default airports. Are you using such addon?
  14. JetStream Designs

    LICJ - Prepar3D v4.4 Ground problem

    Hi Gianluk, Are you using Fs Global?
  15. JetStream Designs

    [P3D4.4] LFRS Nantes installation error

    Hello Ted, it looks like your "scenery.cfg" file has some errors in it. But this won't prevent you from adding the scenery manually with the P3D scenery library tool Best regards, Thomas