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  1. Hey Mike, I'm glad you could sort this out! Best regards, Thomas
  2. Hello Bryan, I have closed RWY 18/36 into the AFCAD. Please install the enclosed .bgl file into Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\JetStream Designs Little Rock X 2014\Scenery Best regards, Thomas KLIT_ADEX_JDS.bgl
  3. Hello Big Mike, Thank you for your kind words about our Orly scenery! About the ai traffic, this is very strange. The fact that you get traffic when using the default Ai might indicate that there is no problem with the scenery but with the Ai traffic addon. I don't own either Traffic Global or MyTraffic 6 Pro, i'm using Alpha India freeware AIG Manager and get loads of traffic at Orly. Do you have any other scenery addon which might include any LFPO AFCAD file? Does your Ai Traffic addon add AFCAD files to the sim? We'll check this first before doing any further investigation Best regards; Thomas
  4. Of course, we are currently working on Toulouse Blagnac LFBO. This will be a Flightbeam project
  5. Hello, I can confirm that an update for the runways will be issued once works at the real airport are complete (should be in December i think)
  6. Hi Greg, Please let me know if disabling TS will work If affirmative, this does not mean that you won't be able to use TS anymore. I'm now using the latest version without any fence issue.
  7. Hello Tommy, It looks like you have an issue with your scenery.cfg file. Could you please send this file to me via private message (with your order number too ;) )? The "scenery.cfg file is located C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Best regards, Thomas
  8. Hello, In order to solve this "floating windows" issue, you just need to set your mesh resolution to 5 meters ( 2 meters or 1 meter are even better). Best regards, Thomas
  9. Hello asustech, Just to make sure, did you install the scenery using installer " JetStream_LFML_P3DV4.exe " ? At the end of install, make sure to add the scenery to the "scenery library" in P3D V4 (like shown in the enclosed PDF file below). Best regards, Thomas Please Read LFML update P3D V4 install.pdf
  10. Hello Manual, You are right, Ai traffic often behaves very strangely. I have witnessed indeed an issue at W43 where some aircraft will enter the RWY at W43 and exit at W45 and then use W47 to go all the way to RWY 06. This is due to the fact that Ai will take the shortest way to the RWY, even if this means entering the RWY and exit it just to enter it again later. Unfortunately, if I "cut" W43, planes landing on RWY 06 won't use this high speed exit and thus might take a very long time on the runway unless they land short enough to use W44. I will try to modify a few elements to improve smoothness with AI traffic, but no promises on the result Best regards, Thomas
  11. Hello, Setting your "mesh resolution" in the graphic options should solve the problem Best regards, Thomas
  12. Hello, Did you try setting your scenery complexity (in the P3D display options) to extremely dense? Best regards, Thomas
  13. Hello, Support is slower at the moment due to Summer holiday. To answer your question about the Eurocopter buildings, even creating an exclude for the FVFR file would not work, as their file is not a default file. It is not possible to create an exclude for another scenery's custom model.
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