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  1. Hello Jean Michel, Both LFRS and LFPO are already P3Dv5 compatible LFRS: https://secure.simmarket.com/jetstream-designs-nantes-atlantique-p3d.phtml LFPO: https://secure.simmarket.com/jetstream-designs-paris-orly-lfpo-p3dv4.phtml Best regards, Thomas
  2. Hello Paolo, I could not located the origin of the problem at the moment (can't reproduce it on my PC), so I'm still looking for a solution. Best regards, Thomas
  3. Hello, is this P3D V5? If affirmative, we have not released Marseille for P3D V5, so previous versions installed into V5 won't be working correctly unfortunately
  4. Hello Greg, Thanks for your report. Could you try a small flight with the default Linate scenery, to see if this occurs only with the airport, or if it is related to the greater Milan area? Many thanks! Thomas
  5. Hello Paolo, Thanks for the test. This is very strange i have to say. I'm looking at this issue very soon and let you know when I find a solution. Best regards,
  6. Hello Paolo, Let's do a test: can you rename file LICJ_ADEX_JSD_ALT.BGL to LICJ_ADEX_JSD_ALT.BGL.OFF and do a quick flight to Palermo? That way we'll see if the problem is related to this file. Best regards, Thomas
  7. Hello, Do you have file LFML_ADEX_TLG_ALT.BGL into your "scenery\world\scenery" folder? If negative, please download it below and install it, it should solve the problem Best regards, Thomas LFML_ADEX_TLG_ALT.BGL
  8. You are welcome Didier Glad to know that the scenery is working great along with Pilot's mesh.
  9. Hello Erik, We are indeed working in bringing our current sceneries to MSFS. Previews are coming very soon
  10. Hi Raymond, Could you please download and install the file from this message (cvx_Excl_AP_boundaries_LICJ.BGL):
  11. Palermo LICJ is now available for P3D V5 https://secure.simmarket.com/jetstream-designs-palermo-falcone-e-borsellino-airport-p3d5.phtml
  12. Hello Raymond, Thanks for the screenshot. It looks like the flatten file "excludes" the terminal. There must be a conflict with another add-on (maybe a mesh addon?). Please download this file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fl35m6adp7q09d8/LICJ elevation fix.zip?dl=0 and install into Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\JetStream Designs Palermo LICJ P3Dv4\Scenery (overwrite previous file). This will hopefully solve the issue Best regards, Thomas
  13. Hi, I'm sorry for it to take this long, but please understand that the last few months have added some heavy workload on developers, and keeping the pace has been quite challenging LICJ will be released for V5 for sure, you have my word. Best regards, Thomas
  14. Hello Edward, I'm not sure why the runway lights would suddenly disapear after working normally for some time. Reinstalling the scenery should have solved the issue. Could you please show me a screenshot or two, maybe this could help me spot a possible issue ? 🙂 Best regards Thomas
  15. Hello, I confirm that "JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique MESH" must be placed above "JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique"
  16. Hi Gianluca, I will do some testing, but I think I know what could be the issue. I will let you know as soon as a fix is ready Best regards, Thomas
  17. Hello If you are getting a "scenery.cfg is corrupt" message during install, this means that your "scenery.cfg" file had layering errors prior to Milano Linate install. A small additional step will be required to activate the scenery into your sim: - once installer is closed, launch your sim and click on "scenery" - click "add" and look for Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs Milano Linate - restart your sim. The scenery will now be fully active. Best regards, Thomas
  18. Hello, Well, this should not happen So I checked this area, in order not to fall it is important to follow closely the centerline on the bridge. If you taxi too far from the taxiline, you might fall. By looking at your screenshots, the scenery layer order might be wrong: is your "Orly terrain" layer placed above the airport scenery layer in your P3D scenery library? (please see screenshot below)
  19. Hello Fulvio and Bonjour Didier Conversion of LICJ to P3D V5 is under progress. Linate has already been released. Marseille and Little Rock are a bit postponed as we are currently completing our Toulouse Blagnac scenery Best regards, Thomas
  20. Hello, After a few tests, I know now that this issue is related to Mip Maps. Not sure why it affects the jetways only, but thankfully the problem can be solved by saving the jetway textures without Mip Maps. Please find enclosed a new texture set to install into Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs Milano Linate\Texture Please let me know if problem is solved on your side once these textures are installed. Best regards, Thomas Texture.zip
  21. Hello, You are right, one week for support is too long. My apologies. About the issue, it looks like it affects the jetway only (what you see on the ground is also linked to the jetway). I could get the issue by enabling the "dynamic texture streaming" in the graphic options. I don't know why enabling this option creates this kind of issue, and why it affects the jetway only. I'll investigate about this, but in the meantime the workaround is to disable the Dynamic texture streaming. Best regards, Thomas
  22. Hello Stefano, Thank you for this very useful information about the current works at Linate. We are currently bringing LIML to P3Dv5 (new installer to be uploaded today). We can consider doing an update in 2021 if works are in an advanced stage. Doing "small steps" updates is always very time consuming and a bit tricky as works continue and the update will be valid for a few weeks at most, compared to the works at the real airport.
  23. Hello, Linate for V5 is being is being released later today (you will get a message from SimMarket when it is online). Then Palermo and Marseille will follow soon.
  24. Hello, The AFCAD will be modified soon
  25. Hello Michael, The Nantes MESH must be above (higher priority) the Airport Best regards, Thomas
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