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  1. Hello Sorry, I was away for vacation. About the default objects, I'm having them too now (but strangely it's just very few). Might be since update 5.2. Something might have changed with the exclusions system. I'll check this, thanks for letting me know. Thomas
  2. Hello, I had checked the jetways at LFPO in P3D V5, everything working normal. Regards, Thomas
  3. Hello Davide, Since last World/Sim update, many sceneries were suffering from ILS LOC not working correctly. We have found the fix and have released the update two weeks ago for our LIML scenery sold at SimMarket / Flightbeam / Contrail. But if you are using the Marketplace version, we have to wait for the Microsoft Team to validate the files we have sent to them. I guess it's taking time due to the many other sceneries having the same LOC issue. If you are using the Contrail-based version (sold at SimMarket, Contrail or Flightbeam), just launch Contrail and update the scenery Best regards, Thomas
  4. Bonjour José! Merci pour votre commentaire sympa About the sim freezing when selecting the SID, my first guess would be that it has nothing to do with the scenery. We did not modify the SID and STAR data. I just made a test with both the FBW A320 and default A320. I don't have the latest Navigraph data, but here are the results: - With FBW A320, I selected SID "TOVS5B" (i don't have 5C). The sim froze. - With the default A320, SID "TOVS5B", the sim did not freeze. Not sure what could be the issue here, but I guess it's not the scenery . Cordialement, Thomas
  5. Hello, Yes, this is the new folder structure to avoid any conflict with other sceneries. Do you use the most recent MSFS sim version?
  6. Hello, About the “scenery cfg is corrupt” message, this happens when your P3D “scenery.cfg” file has errors in it (such as missing layers numbers for example). Our scenery activator checks the .cfg file and won’t add the scenery if it finds existing errors. The workaround is (like you did) to add the scenery manually by using the P3D scenery library tool. But I see you added the wrong path (that's why the sim can't find the scenery). Here are the right paths to add: Browse to Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\JetStream Designs and add: - JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique - JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique MESH JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique MESH must have a higher priority than JetStream Designs Nantes Atlantique. Hope this helps! Thomas
  7. Hello, Well, I tested LFPO with P3D V5.2, and everything is working perfectly, as shown in the enclosed screenshots. Did you modify any files in the scenery, and what is your mesh resolution setting? If you set your mesh resolution to 1 meter (as specified in the scenery manual), this should solve your issue. Best regards, Thomas
  8. Hello, These new taxiway and parking are planned indeed
  9. Hello Stephen, Which sim version are you using? Best regards, Thomas
  10. Hello Pierre, Actually I'm not sure how to deal with this LFPG-related issue. I will try to contact T2G to see if they can help Best regards, Thomas
  11. To all users experiencing the issue with disappearing ground polygons, do you all use the newly released LFPG scenery by Taxi2Gate? If affirmative, can you try to temporarily disable LFPG and test again Orly to check if issue is still there? We got a report from one user that the issue disappeared when disabling the LFPG scenery. So please let us know
  12. Hello Pierre, We are looking into this. The weird thing is that this issue appeared very recently.
  13. Thank you for your understanding
  14. Hello Francis, About the “scenery cfg is corrupt” message, this happens when your P3D “scenery.cfg” file has errors in it (such as a missing layer). Our scenery activator checks the .cfg file and won’t add the scenery if it finds existing errors. The workaround is to add the scenery manually by using the P3D scenery library tool (in your P3D options). Launch the scenery library tool, and browse to Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\JetStream Designs. Add JetStream Designs LFML X 2013 P3Dv5 And that's it
  15. Hello The Palermo update is already available there : https://secure.simmarket.com/jetstream-designs-palermo-falcone-e-borsellino-airport-p3d5.phtml Enjoy!
  16. Hello Fred, You are right! I have tested again and had the same issue on RWYs 24 and 07. Problem has been located, the update is underway. Thanks for the heads up
  17. Hello Christoph I'll be checking if i can reproduce this issue on my P3Dv5 today. Thanks for letting me know. I have seen such issue at other sceneries too, and it happens usually always in the same "angle range" point of view (not sure i'm very clear ). I'll let you know about my findings! Best regards, Thomas
  18. Hello Fred, These are actually static aircraft. At first it was not possible to remove them, but an update is on the way to make statics as an option Best regards, Thomas
  19. Hello Julien, This happens since World Update 4 was released 😕 I will modify the files soon, update will be available via Contrail
  20. Hello, this is weird indeed. I have not yet had any other crashes reports on this scenery. It's not easy to understand why this crash happens as i can't reproduce it on my PC. When it crashes after take-off, is it always at the same location? And after landing, how much time does it take for the sim to crash? Thank you for all the information you can provide Best regards, Thomas
  21. Hello Thanks a lot for your feedback! I can confirm this "cvx_Excl_AP_boundaries_LICJ.BGL" file will have no other impact than solving this elevation issue Kind regards, Thomas
  22. Hello Recciosilva, and thank you for letting us know ;)
  23. Hello Rafal, As the installer was not made specifically for the FSX Steam Edition, some files might not have been installed correctly. Please find enclosed the file dealing with elevation correction. Install into Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Scenery\world\scenery , it should solve the issue Best regards, Thomas LICJ_ADEX_JDS_ALT.BGL
  24. Hello Keith, Please find enclosed new files which should solve this issue Copy and paste the files into \Prepar3D v5\JetStream Designs\JetStream Designs Paris Orly\scenery Hope this helps! Thomas New_LFPO_files.zip
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