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  1. If you have registered at 4shared you can download directly. Create an account, or login
  2. Thanks for your help, I've read that thread that you posted, and i can confirm that TAC is very heavy in frames (about 10 less) and by disabling TAC everything goes normal and the terrain problem gone away. It wouldn't be necessary to place the file you provided. Everything is fine now. Thanks again, Jason
  3. Hello, I installed the mmmx update, but i have this problem after patch is installed. Anyone has this problem ?
  4. I have no problems with my video card, it only happens with this scenery, and i don't use dx10. Ok i'm waiting. Thanks
  5. Crash ate gates, crash at taxiways, crashes everywehere, the buildings become white with low visibility, too many bugs unsolved!! The team says that the patches are almost done, since more than 1 month ago!
  6. Nop, i don't have ftx global. The mmmx extreme is the only scenery i have in mexico
  7. If you see the support forum, there many reports of the crash with invisible things around all the airport. This is one of my two problems with the scenery. Is impossible to taxi in the airport with the crash detection enabled. I haven't UTX installed, i use Mytraffic 2013 from aerosoft but i have disabled the duplicate afcads in the scenery folder of the traffic program, and the specs are: ASUS i7 G74SX, 3.1Ghz, 16GB RAM, Nvidia GTX560 "3GB with fsx.cfg tweaks (highmemfix=1, usepools=0) uiautomationcore.dll in fsx folder and some other tweaks The other problem: When visibility is poor the buildings become almost totally white, Plase take a look at this too. Thanks,
  8. i have no conflicts in any other scenery, and i haven't any other mexico scenery, this is the only addon in mexico that i have. i had this problem with anoher scenery, and the developer fixed the same thing in 2/3 days. And there are many reports with the same problem in MMMX, so in your perspective, all the users have the same addon scenery as me to make a conflict to the MMMX ??? please... i'm waiting for the fix. Thanks, Jason
  9. Almost 1 month passed without an answer. Should i wait for a patch for the crashes and the blank buildings, or wait for the money back ?
  10. OK, no problems. but i have discovered another problem. The buildings become almost totally blank, in low visibility. Could you take a look at this ?
  11. Not necessary. I disabled the crash detection until this problem is fixed
  12. OOM's issue, is due probably to the autogen setting to high or the LOD setting is too high too, due to the limitation of 4GB on FSX. My autogen setiing is normal,and LOD is 4.5 and that is enough to get a beautiful scenery
  13. i think the scenery is wonderful =) only issue is the crashes with invisible things. if the team could fix that, is probably one of the best sceneries in fsx i have. Regards,
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