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Found 2 results

  1. Calum Martin

    Black Box Announce A340 Series

    I'm not really Black Box's biggest fan, but I always seem to get suckered in... Despite having an unfinished A320 series, an even more unfinished A330 series, they're now announcing a new A340 series. I appreciate 'the buses' share a lot of commonality, but this seems to be a lot on one plate. I'll remain as cautious as possible, but it's still good to see a developer -hopefully- build a semi-serious A340 aircraft. FYI, they have suggested they'll be releasing the -300 and the -600 series so far. https://www.facebook...?type=1
  2. Bownsy105

    Aerosoft or Black box?

    Hello everyone. Iv being struggling for a while with the decision, and just wondered if any one else could compare the two aircraft. A few points of comparison id like someone to just clear up are: - Which has the most realistic sound set? - Which has the best fly by wire system? - and which do you think has the best visuals (external/VC)? I feel like the black box will be better value for money, as when it's finished I believe it will contain all A320 variants, and it will supposedly be more realistic with them claiming that "every button will do something". But how accurate are the Aerosoft A320 systems? If for example you were transitioning from the PMDG 737NGX, would the simplification of the aerosofts systems be drastically noticeable in comparison? Any answers to these, as well as any other pros or cons of both aircraft would be greatly appreciated Thanks.