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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Guys. 4 weeks ago I installed windows 7 Ultimate x64 OS, on my desktop. All drivers are up to date... I've played Flight Sim for many years now, and as anyone else, experienced alot of problems. Some of the problems I have had earkuer, have been fixed, but now I have a new problem, that i'm not capable of fixing. When starting up a new flight, selecting the B737NGX from PMDG, the screen is turning black, but I can still hear the engines-sound. Afterwards a FATAL ERROR occurs, and closes FSX.exe I have tried downloading UIautomationcore.dll - did not work. Reinstalling FSX and the PMDG - did not work. Nothings seems to work... Written codes into the fsx.cfg, by using tutorials on etc. youtube.com - did not work. I will uploade my Computer Hardware/Software information tonight! Sorry for my English! Please Help! Thanks in advance.. //Alexander Kjaergaard
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzP6Gw_3Qkw]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzP6Gw_3Qkw Resuming 787 Service 787 Service Restarts, 787 Service Expansion Japan Airlines Virtual is please restart Boeing 787 Service on June 1st, 2013. JALV has successfully restarted flights to San Diego, and Boston. We are very excited to have the Boeing 787 re-join our fleet, the 787 enables us to reach new destinations, efficiently, and in a new style of comfort. As well each Boeing 787 we fly has a bit of Japan on it, inside and out. In addition to current destinations served by the 787, we are proud to announce, Boeing 787 service expansion at JALV. New Destinations include: Helsinki (EFHK), and existing destinations that will be upgraded to Boeing 787 are Singapore, Beijing, Delhi, Moscow, San Francisco, Sydney and Bangkok Boeing 787 Service Plan, Start Dates: June 1, 2013: RJAA – KBOS (Boston) JAL8/JAL7 RJAA – KSAN (San Diego) JAL65/JAL66 RJAA – WSSS (Singapore) JAL719/JAL712 & JAL711/JAL710 RJTT – WSSS (Singapore) JAL35/JAL36 RJTT – ZBAA (Beijing) JAL21/JAL22 July 1, 2013 RJAA – EFHK (Helsinki) JAL413/JAL414 RJAA – UUDD (Moscow) JAL441/JAL442 RJAA – VIDP (Delhi) JAL749/414 RJTT – KSFO (San Francisco) JAL1/JAL2 RJAA – YSSY (Sydney) JAL771/JAL772 RJAA – VTBS (Bangkok) JAL707/JAL718 Thank You and we hope to see you flying Boeing 787 with Japan Airlines Virtual! Let’s fly to the sky; together, forever! http://jalvirtual.org About Japan Airlines Virtual Japan Airlines Virtual was established on April 1st, 2007. At the start we were a relatively small, unknown virtual airline in Japan. However, we had dedicated staff team and just as dedicated pilots who flew for JAL VIRTUAL1 during those years. Overtime however more pilots joined our ranks and flew for us! By then we knew that JAL VIRTUAL1 would become something special to us; the staff team. Over 5 years later, JAL VIRTUAL1 has become a great virtual airline with a dedicated staff team, who through many hour of painstaking work hope to have brought the best experience possible to our pilots. We continuously update JAL VIRTUAL1 with everlasting schedule updates, website improvements and events. We hope to bring the best experience to our pilots! Let’s fly to the Sky! VIRTUALLY SKYWARD – JAPAN AIRLINES VIRTUAL Looking for Staff We are currently looking for individuals to fill these staff positions at Japan Airlines Virtual. Events Director The Event Director plans, organizes and promotes all events for Japan Airlines Virtual. They must be able to notify all pilots about the event, and maintain a list of pilots planning to attend the event. Furthermore, Event Directors coordinate with applicable ARTCCs to ensure proper ATC coverage. Chief Training Executive The Chief Training Executive is the head of the entire training program. This position reports directly to the CEO & VEO. All other positions related to the training are subordinate to the CTE. Chief Pilots: Airbus Aircraft, Bombardier Q400, M.C. Donald Douglas MD11, and Other Aircraft Chief Pilots are the lead pilot of their respective aircraft. They provide assistance and training to pilots of JAL Virtual of their aircraft. They also write Standard Operation Procedures (SOP's) of their aircraft for the VA. Interested? Please fill out the application form here: http://jalvirtual.org/en/index.php/Pages/careers or http://jalvirtual.org/ja/index.php/Pages/careers Thanks Japan Airlines Virtual Staff Sunday, June 02, 2013 http://jalvirtual.org https://www.facebook.com/jalvirtual https://www.youtube.com/user/JALVirtual
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