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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, you can donwload update 1.1 on iflysimX here : http://www.iflysimx.com/index.php?/files/file/84-jennasoft-lyon-saint-exupery-x/ - avoid bumpy rolling on runways - add missing glide slope on runways 36R/18L - add edge stripes on runways 36L/18R - add a bitumen mapping on runways 36R/18L
  2. FlyTampa has just released a pretty big uptate to St Maarten!!! Amazing news Check out the update notes below. - Removed old TNCM Terminal, added new Ramp "C". - Re-modeled and re-textured SABA airport terrain. - New higher-res ground detail Textures (TNCM). - Updated Aerial Ground Textures (TNCM). - Improved Maho Beach Texture. - Improved volumetric grass. - Updated 3D People. - Added custom IK Jetways. - New Runway Lighting. - Improved AI Ships compatibility. - Added compatibility for Prepar3D. - Improved compatibility with DX10 Preview Mode (Steve's DX10 Fixer Required). - Includes all previous Updates (Runway 10/28 etc). The downloads below are V1.5 Full-Installers and will require that you input your original Serial Key. Any legit Serial will work, even if you purchased TNCM for FS9 six years ago. If you have an older version of TNCM currently installed, removing it should not be necessary unless you renamed or moved the TNCM folder around (Addon Scenery/FlyTampa-Maarten). http://www.flytampa.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=6389
  3. Aerosoft has just released the SP1 for the Airbus X A320/A321 (formally Airbus X Extended). Being part of the Aerosoft Team I have been testing the SP1 and it is amazing!! Enjoy it! Notes from Mathijs from Aerosoft: "Airbus X A320/A321 (formally Airbus X Extended) version 1.10 has just been released. As this is a serious change we decided to only release a full new build, it’s best to de-install the previous version before installing. Boxed customers also can download this new complete version right now. We will see if we can make a smaller update for them (after all it is not nice to buy a boxed product and then having to download a complete version) but we have seen a lot of problems with that, all avoided by a clean full install. This new version is the end of the development for this project until we have completed the A318/A319. Of course we'll keep on doing bug fixes and a few smallish new features might be added in the months to come. Version 1.10 includes a whole load of new features and changes. The biggest without a doubt is a completely rewritten vertical mode that adds the modes that were missing. But there are also more models with sharklets, more options in the co-pilot functionality and dozens of other changes. It’s an update you should not miss." Here are the changes: ECAM Added: Missing APU word in Lower ECAM FUEL page. Changed: More realistic GND IDLE N1 (idle N1 now varies according to Pressure Altitude). Changed: TLA at idle now commands a 20% N1. Fixed: A321 Lower ECAM Door Page. Fixed: ATHR needle not commands flight idle not 0 % N1. Fixed: Lower ECAM LAND ELEV was wrong. Fixed: N1 Needle to be at the bottom of arc when below 20% N1. Fixed: Under certain condition the Landing Memo appeared during takeoff. Fixed: Under certain conditions the LDG MEMO was being displayed during climb. MCDU (left) Added: It is now possible to save and reuse company route flight plans to which single waypoints manually have been added. If you want manually to add a waypoint just enter it into the scratchpad and then press the respective LSK L before which existing waypoint this new one should be added. Changed: DME Arcs Entry and Exit significantly reworked. Changed: TP now curved, will form a curved line to the Great Circle Line. Changed: Track from a fix for a Distance and Track from a fix to a DME Distance legs completely reworked. Fixed: All PBD issues. Fixed: DIR TO issue resulting in flashing line. Fixed: LNAV lost when going to NAT waypoint issue. Fixed: Navdata reading issue associated with Navigraph. Fixed: INCPT does not keep moving around now. PFD Added: Added V1 and V2 Indications. Added: ALT Armed Magneta added for CSTRs. Added: Metric Alt added Added: Several new FMA added related to VDEV for Non-ILS Approaches. Changed: GS now always remain active once GS is captured once. Changed: VDEV(or also known as green dot) added, RNAV still not fully supported yet though. Fixed: Alt numbers on alt tape now turns orange when passing through MDA/DH Fixed: CAT X / DUAL / SINGLE Word removed when non-ILS Approach Fixed: GS* Active and GS Armed at the same time Fixed. Fixed: MDA now does not auto degrade to CAT1 with AP ON. Fixed: STD/QNH flashing reworked to FCOM. Fixed: VSI negative indication removed. Fixed: When on ground, FD bars dont appear till thrust levers at or above CL. ND Added: DECEL point added on ND Fixed: ND items flickering when operating very close to the equator fixed. Fixed: ND items behind datum line (IDL) were not displayed correct until passing that longitude FDE Changed: Major revision to Lift/Drag Model, more accurate climb/descends, acceleration/deceleration. Changed: New Flaps model, revised lift/drag. Checklist- / Copilot Functionality Fixed: After Start CL / THS setting; there were problems with the trim position if the distance to the set point was too big. Fixed: MDA; The Descent Preparation CL did not recognize if MDA was used (MCDU PERF APPR page) instead of DH. Now solved i. e. also MDA is recognized. Fixed: User States Doors; if a user state has been saved the situation of the left passenger doors as well as of all right cargo doors were not saved. Now those states are also saved. Changed: FINAL Checklist; The Final CL activation now is independent from the activation of the MCDU PERF APPR mode activation. The FINAL checklist will be automatically started under the following conditions: Distance to runway > 30 NM Flight path is > 90 degrees compared to the runway course Changed: Deceleration Pseudo- waypoint Automatic activation of APPR mode APPR phase is automatically activated at the DECEL pseudo waypoint provided that NAV mode is engaged and altitude is below 7.200 feet AGL. The (DECEL) pseudo waypoint is calculated by the FMGC to initiate deceleration in order to be stabilized at VAPP at a specified point on the approach profile, normally at 1000 feet AGL. The Deceleration point is now displayed on the ND (magenta circle). The APPR mode should have been activated before reaching this point. Passing the DECEL pseudo waypoint the APPR mode automatically will be activated. Changed: Landing Memo; The conditions for the Landing Memo are: > 2000 feet RA above runway altitude & Flight mode: Cruise or Approach Changed: High Altitude Airports; There are high altitude airports like Quito / Ecuador at an altitude of app. 9.000 feet. Using the Copilot functionality caused problems during CLIMB as well as DESCENT. Therefore for such airports (< 5.000 feet) the functionality has been changed as follows: During the CLIMB CL the 10.000 feet call is omitted and the landing lights are switched off by the copilot after the Baro Check at the transition level. During the DESCENT also already at the transition level (< 10.000 feet) the Landing Lights as well as Landing System are set to ON by the copilot. Changed: TCAS; The checklist and copilot functionality now will be changed so TILT in the "AFTER TO CL" will stay on ABV but the checklist now also accepts ALL. In the CRUISE CL if necessary the copilot then sets the TILT to ALL (if not previously done by the user). Added: Baro Checks during Descent Checklist; The Landing Elevation Check as part of the Descent Preparation Checklist has been disabled i. e. it is not mandatory anymore to fill the QNH-field in the MCDU PERF APPR page. But if a value is entered the unit used (inHg or hPa) must be identical with the settings the FCU QNH display. If the unit is later Changedd the value in MCDU PERF APPR page automatically will be adjusted. The following situations have been checked and are normally used during the DESCENT and APPROACH checklist: 1. Copilot ON MCDU PERF APPR page: QNH value available = Copilot enters this value into the FCU QNH-display 2. Copilot ON MCDU PERF APPR page: QNH value not available = Copilot uses the ambient pressure value like pressing on the keyboard and enters this value into the FCU QNH-display 3. Copilot OFF MCDU PERF APPR page: QNH value available = User himself enters manually the QNH-value into the FCU QNH display 4. Copilot OFF MCDU PERF APPR page: QNH value not available = User himself enters manually the value of the destination airport into the FCU QNH display 5. Copilot OFF MCDU PERF APPR page: QNH value not available = User himself uses from the keyboard to automatically enter the ambient pressure value. Changed: ACFT STATE TAXI - Selected Altitude; If the user forgets to enter a first altitude the copilot (if used) automatically enters during TAXI an altitude of 7.000 feet. Changed: ACFT STATE TAKEOFF Selected Altitude; When loading the TAKE OFF aircraft state the FCU altitude was set to 100 feet. Now the minimum selected altitude is already set to 28.000 feet. Fixed: CHECKLIST INFOBAR; If the user started Engine 2 before getting the permission by the Ground Crew, the information on the infobar START ENGINE 2 remained. Changed: BEFORE TAKEOFF CHECKLIST; The checklist started automatically when the runway holding point was passed. If the copilot was not used this sometimes caused stress and got problems because during immediate takeoff the checklist was still running and collided with the TAKEOFF checklist. Therefore the plane now has to be fully stopped after passing the runway holding point to automatically start the checklist. Manually it still can be started at any point using [1] from the keyboard. Added: TAKEOFF with FLAPS 3; The copilot functionality has been adopted so that takeoff with flaps 3 now is also possible. Changed: TURNAROUND; There have been problems with the automatic TURNAROUND aircraft state after the PARKING CL had been finished i.e. flaps and groundspoilers ARM did not work as required. Problem should be solved now. Changed: Cockpit Preparation CL after Turnaround; The cockpit preparation CL after Turnaround has been modified i. e. certain procedure checks will be omitted like Batteries, External Power and Navigation Lights etc. More details in the Vol6 StepbyStep Guide. Fixed: ECAM STATUS CHECK; If the CLR button is ON it is necessary previously to confirm a warning message. MCDU (right) Changed: DEFAULT AIRCRAFT STATES; The default aircraft state CRUISE has been deleted (due to problems with the AP status and data) and instead a new default state TURNAROUND has been added. This state is the same than the settings after the PARKING checklist has been finished and the plane is set back for a new turn. Changed: USER STATES (SAVE and LOAD); There had been problems with saved / loaded user states and the status of the MCDU (left). Some MCDU fields were not automatically filled respectively looked and behaved different compared to the MCDU after using a standard ACFT STATE like p. e. DARK & COLD. Those problems now have been solved. Changed: SOUND OPTIONS; The sound volume in the cockpit can now be set to LOW or NORMAL. LOW means that the sound for Batteries, Cooling and Avionics are reduced by 15%. Fuel Planner Added: Balance has been added (relation between Trim and Center of Gravity). Changed: Fuel loaded now changes according to weight of aircraft. Changed: New layout. Miscellaneous Added: 100 above and Minimum callouts. Added: Airbus X Options Configurator added. Added: More Sharklet Models. Added: Revised AutoPilot Mode Reversions. Changed: Autothrust Disconnect button on the throttles of the real airbus linked to Default FSX ATHR Arm. Changed: FBW Slight revision to pitch sensitivity done. Changed: GSX Pushback does not interfere with rudder. Changed: Much Improved RollOut when AutoLand. Changed: VC Click spot for trim now changed to non-standard. Changed: Fightplans now in separate files. Fixed: Flaps 1 (and associated auto mechanism) now properly simulated. Fixed: Most Turnaround problems fixed. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/67788-airbus-x-a320a321-formally-airbus-x-extended-version-110-released/
  4. Captain Sim has just released Service Pack 1.0. Can't wait to ry it! http://www.captainsi...777/sp1000.html
  5. Aerosoft has just released an update for the Airbus X Extended! Enjoy http://support.aeros...php?language=en V1.04 Many small changes and some fixes Model - VS knob reversed logic ECAM fixes and enhancements - Gear indication corrected, overlapping text fixed. Diverse - Keyboard throttle option included - Chrono issue solved - All relevant manuals updated - LIvery Manager included - BA A320 IAE changed from CFM to IAE - Master Caution sound removed when loading Cold & Dark - Speed tape error fixed FBW/AP/Navigation - Fixes for A.Floor - Many small fixes for route line issues - Localizer tracking improved Checklist/Copilot - Auto rudder: The rudder check in the „AFTER ENGINE START“ checklist will be omitted if the auto rudder functionality in the right MCDU - FLIGHT OPTIONS menu – is set to ON. - Landing Memo: The “LANDING” checklist now is “interrupted” until the “Landing Memo” becomes available in the Upper ECAM. Then the Copilot continues with the checklist i. e. flaps 2, gear down etc. - Start Chronometer: In the “Take Off” checklist we integrated a feature that if the Copilot is set to ON, he automatically now starts the chronometer (displayed on the ND) after the takeoff thrust (=< 50 % N1) has been set. - Barometric Checks: During descent and approach the QNH value entered in the MCDU PERF APPR page is now used by the copilot. If no value has been entered then the current ambient pressure value will be used (= keyboard ). Like in reality the copilot now enters those figures in visible steps and not anymore at once. Then there is a pause of 2 seconds - during which the user can enter a different value before the checklists continues.If there is a new turn those values will also be reset for the next flight. - AES Option: The description for this option in the right MCDU – OPTIONS – CHECKLIST menu has been changed to “AES PUSH” and “YES/NO”. The reason is to make it clearer that this option only should be set to YES if the AES pushback should be used. If there is no pushback required (even that AES is available) this option has to be set to NO. Then the other two Engine Start” procedures and checklist are available. First finish the AES procedure (CRTL+SHIFT+W) and then start the “Engine Start” checklist with [2] from the keyboard. - AES Procedure – no pushback required: Sometimes the “After Engine Start Checklist” did not start if just the AES Clearance Procedure was used i. e. no AES pushback. Those problems should be solved now. - Pushback Gauge: If the pushback angle was set to <90 degrees the pushback did not stop. The angle is now limited to max. 90 degrees. We are still trying to find a solution with the developer of the gauge itself for pushback angles <90 degrees. - Cockpit Preparation Checklist: If copilot is not used there have been problems with the transponder setting STANDBY as well as with the EMERGENCY LIGHTS if they were not OFF. Problems are now fixed. - 2D views: The function keys F9 to F12 are reserved for the 2D-views. There have been some misunderstanding about it and changeswere made. Now F9 again is assigned to the 2D Glareshield / Panel view (like described in the manuals). If a user wants to change back from any other view to the VC-cockpit view with one click, then we suggest using the integrated view bar.
  6. Dubai Rebooted V2.1 Update (FS9, FSX & P3D) is out! - Updated ILS frequences - Added DBX-VOR - Made Static Apron Vehicles Optional (Higher Performance without) - Added Optional Default Runway Lighting (FS9 only) - Added Green Center Lights always On Option (Real world Dubai) - Added Emirates Logos to Headquarter Building - Increased Taxisign visibility radius - Decreased Jetways' visibility radius for Performance (FS9 only) - Decreased Vegetation visibility radius for Performance (FS9 only) - Fixed Elevation Flatten (FS9 only) - Other Enhancements & Performance Tweaks http://www.flytampa....php?f=24&t=5915
  7. New update out now All information below was provided by FlightBeam - Whats in 1.1? - Lowered Mesh requirements down to 87 Mesh Complexity and 2m Mesh Resolution (these settings will not show gap in taxiway bridges) I still recommend max settings on these if you can. - Added functional helipad with high-res textures on top of Terminal 3 Parking Garage - Fixed misaligned runway centerline stripes - Fixed Jetway at Gate 4 / Terminal 3, which would not display under certain conditions - Adjusted various gate numbers which were incorrectly displayed - Added B15A, B15B and B15C express gates - Fixed satellite texture displaying white outline at night - Various other improvements http://www.flightbea...nual_update.zip
  8. Hi, Just contacted them about iOS6 support and this is what they said "We will update it shortly" "between 1 and 2 weeks" http://widefsmap.hie.../WideFSMap.html http://itunes.apple....d466750837?mt=8
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