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Found 24 results

  1. Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, yet it has only recently been given the acknowledgement it deserves within the flight sim community. Thanks to teams such as ORBX, there’s some beautiful coverage of the country, yet there were still many airports which, quite simply, had never been given quality scenery. Again, ORBX delivered some stunning airports, but the performance of some of them left a lot to be desired. Fly Tampa have always been consistent with their releases. Airport after airport
  2. Located in the heart of the Dominican Republic, Gregorio Luperon International Airport (MDPP) is one the most frequently visited airports in the Caribbean. With flights coming from all corners of the Globe, and being the Forth busiest airport in the Dominican, can DreamFlight Studios bring this vibrant airport to life in the world of Flight Simulation? Let’s start with location. Being so important to the tourism industry within the Domincan, it stands to reason the airport sees a lot of activity. As a result, the airport has been built w
  3. It’s been a while since my last review, and as a result, I’ve had some wonderful down time to revisit some of the older airports released over the years. One such airport was Copenhagen. At the time, I forgot how much I enjoyed the quick hops from the UK over to the Danish city. It is also one of those destinations where the weather can either be on your side, or cause havoc to your flight planning. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had it all – everything from glorious, crispy sunny mornings to the CAT 3 landings. However, despite how beautiful it is, it’s never really been properly captured in t
  4. Rome Fiumicino is an airport that people have been waiting patiently for an incredibly long time. Ever since its initial announcement, FS2004 users have been treated to many months of exploring a great looking rendition of the popular Italian airport. Fast forward and after many promises and great anticipation, Aerosoft officially cancelled the project - claiming that the quality of the product just wasn’t up to expectations. Since then, DreamFactory Studio has decided to self-publish through SimMarket, allowing countless fans the chance to finally explore one of Italy’s largest and greatest a
  5. Flight Simulation went an age without a decent Airbus series of aircraft. Sure, some developers created visually appealing models, but nothing with systems and flows that made any sense. Never mind the complexity that comes with the vast ECAM screens and the FBW system. Of course, as Simmers we want realism, but that comes with a cost: a long development time and a performance hit – two things that every developer and simmer out there dreads. Luckily for us, Aerosoft saw a great opportunity and ceased it.
  6. When SimWings / Aerosoft announced that they were hard at work at creating a brand new Heathrow, it was met with a massive “well what is the point” from the community. Not only was UK Airport Developer Gary from UK2000 scenery hard at work at creating a brand new version of Heathrow, but it was very close from being released. However, the community suddenly perked some interest when the first screenshots were shown. Suddenly, things were heating up, and with anticipated release dates for both sceneries within spitting distance of one another, it gave consumers a massive headache – which would
  7. When I began reviewing Flight Simulation products, one of my first airports I was lucky enough to fly with was JetStream Designs’ Marseille Provence Airport. If you go back to that review, you’ll see just where this fantastic developer started. Although detailed, it lacked that polish and ‘wow’ factor that so many developers had been achieving for a while now. Shortly after the release of Marseille, JetStream Designs announced that they would be covering Little Rock National Airport over in the States. To my surprise, the quality between before and after was as clear as night and day. With tha
  8. By the time I finally get around to enjoying every last drop of their previous scenery, Taxi2Gate drop a bombshell and release their next airport. Other developers must look at this fabulous team with green eyes, as their turn-around on development time is simply unlike any other developer on the market. Having just 3 months since their last release in the Caribbean, and only 5 months after their last ‘large scale’ airport, they’re back with the much anticipated release of Hamad International Airport (OTHH). Taking over from the previous Doah International Airport in Qatar, the newly buil
  9. As I type this, I am currently flying the Boeing 777-300ER from London Heathrow Airport to Boston Logan International Airport. Departing 4 hours and 38 minutes ago from gate 532, I currently have 18.6 tonnes of fuel left and cruising just over the YAY VOR. I have approximately 2 hours left until touchdown. At which point, I'll shut down the taxi to stand, shut down the engines and begin the 'shutdown' checklist. Despite having completed the flight, I will already be planning the return journey and be prepared to endure the 6 hour flight time home. But why do I put myself through such long hour
  10. I must admit, Lisbon has always been on my bucket list of places to visit. Both in the Flight Sim world and also in real life. The history of the city, the environment and the country have always been both exciting and thrilling for me. Completely unsure why, but the excitement I had when Aerosoft announced they would be revisiting Lisbon to bring it up-to-date and to current Flight Sim standards, was incredible. I would follow the previews religiously, always seeking the latest updates and trying to poach for a release date. Finally the day came and I downloaded without hesitation. The ca
  11. Aerosoft are certainly no stranger to the airport of Norway. Often created because of their fantastic, magical and scenic approaches, it’s no surprise Aerosoft have taken on Bergen. As the second busiest airport in Norway, after Oslo, of course, Bergen sees a range of airline traffic. Everything from Cargo operations and domestic flights to long haul international flights. The diversity available for simmers around the world is one of the many compelling reasons to visit this airport. Bergen Airport, situated in Hordaland in Norway, shares its home with several airlines including Norwegian
  12. When ORBX first announced that they would be covering the entire globe with their FTX Global series, it seemed way too good to be true. Fast forward and they have successfully managed to release two ‘Global’ products. Those obviously being both FTX Global and FTX Vector. Both releases were met with universal praise and went on to being some of ORBX’s most successful product launches. Of course, these products were never meant to be the “ends all” for their true “Global” remake. This is where OpenLC (LC = Land Class) comes into play. Now I want to make things very clear before I proceed: EU
  13. Asia is by far the most growing economy for Aviation. It is constantly turning out huge international airports. Carriers are buying bigger and better aircraft constantly and there’s a growing number of operators. In the world of Flight Simulation, it’s relatively shocking that Asia has only just began seeing airports and scenery packages created for it. Of course, getting the required information for the developers is tough, but that hasn’t stopped ImagineSim from taking advantage of the gap in the market. By creating Shanghai Pudong International Airport, ImagineSim have allowed simmers to be
  14. Weather engines for the world of Flight Simulation have always been of great debate. X engine looks really snazzy, whilst Y engine has all of these neat features. Z engine uses real-world data to create my weather patterns. The debate goes on and on. The big contenders at the time were Active Sky and REX. Even OPUS was a major contender, but all of them had flaws or something that some users just did not like. Then, out of the blue, Pilots, typically known for their Mesh packages, released a brand new Weather Engine, claiming to be the best available. Whether it still holds true following vari
  15. REVIEWERS NOTES: Some of the screenshots represent a lack of FTX Scotland Scenery. You will notice that some terrain issues primarily near to the cliff edges look out of place. I can confirm that Sumbrugh works without FTX Scotland, but you will receive the most out of the scenery if you have it installed. Please always read the relevant information before making a purchase. Before Orbx or 29Palms had announced they would be bringing Sumbrugh airport to Flight Simulation, it had always held dear in my heart. Knowing closely people who flew there on a regular basis had always made me in
  16. FlightBeam has always been perceived as the bar to strive for when creating quality add-on scenery for Flight Simulator. No other developer has been able to produce consistently polished, fantastic looking and silky performing scenery like it. After the release of Washington Dulles (KIAD), expectations of FlightBeam were high for the announcement of Denver International Airport (KDEN). Were we worried? I should hope not as FlightBeam have raised that already high bar even higher with their latest release.
  17. When Taxi2Gate announced that they would be releasing Pointe-A-Pitre, located on the Caribbean island of Grande-Terre in Guadeloupe, everyone was a little shocked it would be released so soon. Announced on a gloomy Monday morning, the package went live on Wednesday evening. Immediately everyone rushed to download it to see if it matched the quality of their recent release, Istanbul. So far, I am equally, if not more impressed. TFFR is in a fantastic location, and an interesting airport. Situated in the Caribbean, Taxi2Gate return back to where some of their earliest work originated. Seeing
  18. When I reviewed JetStream’s latest release, Marseille (LFML), I distinctly remember mentioning how talented the developer was, and also how they would soon become the next “Taxi2Gate.” With their release of Clinton National Airport (Little Rock / KLIT from here on out), I can firmly stand by that statement. Through 2009, more than 2.1 million passengers entered Little Rock’s airport, making it Arkansas’s largest commercial airport. By no means the largest airport in the United States, it’s fantastic city scape, lush green approaches and numerous rivers and lakes surrounding the airport, ma
  19. It’s been a very long time since I’ve flown anything smaller than the 737 for IFR flying, so stepping into the tiny flight deck of the Phenom 100 was a little bit of a shock. Suddenly everything feels cramped and close together, but surprisingly fresh and modern. I knew from the minute I switch on the engines of this bullet of a plane, that I would need to rethink how to fly. As soon as you step into the flight-deck, you will notice just how detailed and high resolution all of the textures are. Every switch and knob is wel
  20. London Heathrow Airport. One of the busiest, largest and most diverse airports on the planet. Being one of the most central hubs in Europe, it’s sprawling and ever expanding terminus is forever changing the face of the airport. Now on his third irritation of London Heathrow, Gary from UK2000 Scenery not only updates the package to reflect its real life counterpart, he also brings the modelling and texturing into the current era of Flight Simulation. Heathrow has always had a special place in my heart. I often drive by, marvelling at the sight of hundreds of departures and arrivals on its two
  21. The last few reviews I’ve provided for you have been for larger and more commercially viable airports. This time however, I take a look at ORBX’s recent release of Gustavus Airport. It’s certainly a lot different compared to the likes of Dublin or Istanbul, but have ORBX delivered on creating a small airport that can capture the attention of Flight Simmers? Situated in the farthest corner of South-Eastern Alaska, the airport is fairly unknown and unused. Seeing as just four airlines serve the airport (Alaska Airlines only serves as a seasonal airline), it was never going to have to be a bu
  22. Although being released on Saint Patrick’s day may have been sheer luck or done on purpose, many Flight Sim fans rejoiced at the fact Aerosoft’s long overdue Mega Airport Dublin was finally available to purchase. Whilst many of you jumped the bandwagon and downloaded and installed immediately, some of you have yet to plump down the cash. If you’re unsure, grab a Guiness, chill out and gouge over this mega review for this Mega Airport. The history of Dublin’s airport is pretty exciting. Opening in 1941, it is currently Ireland’s largest airport. 19.1 million people travelled through their d
  23. UALboy

    GEX and UTX

    Does anyone have gex and or utx who can give me their two cents on them? Do they actually improve fsx or do they create rougher and busier texture transitions? How is the autogen affected? I would love to see some screenshots of the chicago area. Thanks! Wishing you clear skies and smooth rides
  24. Product Description from the Developers Page: The Airbus A320 family is one of the most successful families of aircraft ever designed. Being the first mass produced aircraft that combined fly-by-wire avionics and lightweight composite materials it revolutionized air travel by bringing down the cost of flights. They also made Airbus one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world. The Airbus X Extended builds on the successful Airbus X product released in 2010 by Aerosoft. This new version includes far more complex and realistic navigation tools and a rewritten fly by wire implement
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