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Found 24 results

  1. I just installed the product and it looks great other than this issue with the taxi way. I've seen issues with other simulators but not much info on how to fix this for FSX.
  2. I try all Info´s at the other Update-Topic !! Max Out Mesh Settings - Get the Right File with 539,77MB from SimMarket deinstall Old Version + Check that all Files are Deleted well @ C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimMarket and Install Ubdated File again! It´s done and Plane Crash again at the Bridges in my FSX ! I use FTX Fullpack with Global Base , Global Vector , FTX OpenLC Europe + REX Essential Plus Overdrive ! I also use the "Automatic Airport Elevation Correction" for FTX Vector and also the same... ! Also Tested with the old Bridgefixx and ist Crashes again .... ! BUT Before the Up
  3. Hello..I must first of all say...Amazing airport..I havent had any issues with it for a long time..even with Orbx Vector installed (will get to this in another post in TKPK)...but about 2 or 3 days ago....I installed PW Sceneries..Guadeloupe and DOminica...mainly to get a bit more out of eDominica...I deleted everything related to Tffr in the Pwsceneries scenery folder...Moved TFFR and TFFR terrain above the PW sceneries folder in the Scenery library..and was surprised to notice that i am now missing the movable Jetways at TFFR..and If they werent so well done..i wouldnt make that much of an
  4. Just bought and fired up T2G's Hamad Int'l Airport. Looks great and awesome fps but no AI traffic at the new Doha. It's all at old Doha still. I have My Traffic 2013 and I've searched online to find a solution. Found a few things but nobody had My Traffic 2013. I tried to follow the steps anyway and got pretty far but at certain steps, I couldn't keep going. I'd be very grateful for any assistance.
  5. Hi there Here are the first previews from our next project: Metz Nancy Lorraine Airport in France. Metz Nancy Lorraine is a French regional airport serving both Metz and Nancy cities, which are located in Northeast of France, one hour drive from the German and Luxembourg boarders. The scenery will be available for FSX / P3D and FS9 a few weeks later. Please take a look at the preview pictures (this is of course a work in progress, what you see in the previews is not the final product):
  6. From the album: Beautyful FSX

    Night flight over Antigua
  7. norman

    DC-3 Flight

    From the album: Beautyful FSX

    DC-3 flight from Antigua to St. Maarten
  8. From the album: Beautyful FSX

  9. Hello again, I write requesting the best advice of those who know more about fsx, this time I ask them their experiences and concepts between these programs that improve the experience of fsx. 1. FS Global Real Weather v1.7 or 2. Opus.Software-OpusFSX 1. A2A Accu-Feel or 2. 3D Real Cockpit Effect appreciate any information
  10. Hello everyone, I am writing asking for your help, do not know if anyone can help me with a fault that occurs in my fsx and when flight 777, 737, 747 PMDG, Airbus extended and most aircraft, and leave momentarily simulator to view information on any web browser, or when changing tasks and return to the simulator no longer recognizes the jostick the pc computer if it recognizes the jostick, but fsx does not recognize it, I tried to install the latest driver and sometimes the fsx recognizes the jostick again, but not to do the same task switching procedure and return to fsx, it fails to recogniz
  11. Hi Guys. 4 weeks ago I installed windows 7 Ultimate x64 OS, on my desktop. All drivers are up to date... I've played Flight Sim for many years now, and as anyone else, experienced alot of problems. Some of the problems I have had earkuer, have been fixed, but now I have a new problem, that i'm not capable of fixing. When starting up a new flight, selecting the B737NGX from PMDG, the screen is turning black, but I can still hear the engines-sound. Afterwards a FATAL ERROR occurs, and closes FSX.exe I have tried downloading UIautomationcore.dll - did not work. Reinstalling FS
  12. RMW88

    FSX wont load!

    Hi, Any ideas why FSX will not load! I havnt changed anything at all! I go to open FSX from the desktop, it starts to load for a few seconds then it will completly stop and close down! I rebooted my computer and still nothing! Why does FSX have so many problems!!
  13. Hi there.. I have a small problem.. I installed the Airbus X extended A320-A321 addon recently on FSX. But when I increase the throttle, the throttle won't move forward, it stays in Idle.. It is going reverse but when I increase comes back to idle and doesn't move forward again.. Does anyone know what the problem might be? Both engines are on and in normal Mode.. I tried Installing FSUIPC as well. No Use. Pls help me out
  14. Best in 1080pHD I bought Aerosoft`s Kastellorizo X last week and thought it was well worthy of a video. Here are the results. Its a pretty high paced video and I`m really pleased with the result. Thanks for watching Doogie Add-ons Aerosoft- Kastellorizo X and Huey X REX - Essentials Overdrive using random generated weather Alabeo-Waco YMF5 and Extra 300S Freeware Cruise Ship from FSDownload.net FSRecorder-Fraps-FS Water Configurator-TrackIr5-Sony Vegas
  15. Hi got PMDG and NGX 737s, but the 2D panels are really bad, I tried copying and pasting the default 737-800 one, but that didn't seem to work. Can I have some help please? Thanks!
  16. Hi Guys, I am in the middle of updating my computer to handle FSX... However with multiple graphics card changes I haven't been able to achieve a satisfactory standard of detail and FPS. I have currently: ATI HD6670 AMD Phenom 9600QUAD CORE 8GB RAM I have just bought an nVidia 460GTX but unsure on whether to change the graphics card yet or not. Can anyone give me some recommendations as to what might help my system... I am getting 20-25FPS with medium settings, however that is without any add-ons. FS2004 runs like a dream and I love it however I want to make the jump.
  17. doog79

    Holiday (FSX)

    Of on holiday on Friday. I knocked this little video up to show my two little boys who have not flown before the aircraft we will be on. best in 1080p Now where are my shorts Doogie
  18. Hey everybody ! I make videos you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/user/Steve93220?feature=watch And my last video >
  19. UALboy

    GEX and UTX

    Does anyone have gex and or utx who can give me their two cents on them? Do they actually improve fsx or do they create rougher and busier texture transitions? How is the autogen affected? I would love to see some screenshots of the chicago area. Thanks! Wishing you clear skies and smooth rides
  20. I just got the Airbus X Extended today. It is just amazing! The sound pack is just so so great. And the dynamics are also good, you can really feel the fly-by-wire control. I've took a few pictures to show you this fantastic aircraft. Here is a Fly by, in a custom view, included with the aircraft. Here you see the virtual cockpit from the jump seat, very impressing... Here is a shot from the overhead panel, almost all of the switches are clickable!! Sadly, there is no 2d panel, but who needs a 2d panel, when there's a built in 3d cockpit view, that looks exacly like a 2d
  21. Hi, Does somebody know where I can get the paint kits for these aircraft? There forum seems to be down.
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