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Found 6 results

  1. Now you have a reason to fly to the Caribbean. Las Americas International Airport (also known as Jose F. Pena Gomez) is an international airport located in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. MDSD usually receives a wide variety of long-, mid- and short-haul aircraft, airliners, charter, cargo, and military missions’ flights. The airport is the second busiest in the country after losing its traffic frequency to Punta Cana International Airport, yet it is one of the largest in the Caribbean, handling 3.5 million passengers in 2017 through its air terminal. And is also the busiest cargo hub in the Caribbean and Central America with 405,000,000 lbs. of cargo (this is a lot for a small location) transported in 2020. For its size and location, it is basically a busy airport.
  2. Let me finish this complex airport. INTRODUCING LAGUARDIA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, QUEENS, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES. This airport is currently under construction (in real life and in my computer) and it will be released [under construction]. Do not expect the mock up version. American Airlines hangars will remain and we don't know for how long. And several other buildings are still intact and this is how I want to release this airport... on it's current state. Updates will be met. When a building goes down and when a new one goes up, expect updates.
  3. I also found some issues when approaching into Nantes: I was 15 miles out when the scenery loaded in. I noticed it because I got stutters... Haven't seen this before (also not at Orly for example) After landing, I could only choose taxi to parking, no gate... Also ATC instructed me to go to General Aviation parking instead of mentioning stand 1L as you can see below...
  4. Just completed my flight from Nantes to Linate. I was landing in the dusk and noticed the following: The terminal was dark on approach, when almost on the ground the terminal was lit, which gives a strange effect After landing I switched ATC to ground, but I could not ask for a gate. Taxi ribbon guided me to gate 1 When at the gate asking for baggage and catering, ATC said they are not avaible, after that a truck and carts spawn so a second time it could unload the baggage and do the catering Have attached a screenshot to show you I could not ask for a gate.
  5. Hi JetStream Designs team, Just purchased both Nantes and Milano Linate for MSFS. Great job! Would it also be possible to add statics to Nantes in the same way as you did with Orly and Milano Linate? The statics are very nicely done on these airports. Many thanks for considering!
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