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Ugly Taxiway at LFLL


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Hi there,

I bought the LFLL few days ago (on August 26, 2014) and installed it. I don't know which version I got along my download but I assume that it is the latest version of this scenery you have uploaded at Simmarket. The overall first-look is no doubt outstanding. I love the photo ground textures and all the scenery components. Bravo!

However, where I am disappointed is that the dark grey taxiway sections leading to RWY 18L and the new parking, you mention as a  "new taxiway" on your screenshot are not only ugly but crackling and very strange compared to all ground textures which again nicely smooth and beautiful. The exit V6 at the end of RWY18L just horrible and reminds me those  FS98 textures. They are definitely apart from the overall scenery quality and totally ruined all of your work.


For instance, I deactivated all BGLs relating to this missed update in order to keep the scenery of LFLL in its "purity". Having said that, I am wondering if you plan to provide with some updates in the coming future.


Thanks for considering my request.


Theo, Edmonton, AB, Canada



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there is no doubt that the new taxiways were not made the same way than the others. When FSX version developpment was launched, there were no aerial photo source for those taxiways. They were even not build.


You must keep in mind that developping a scenery, I mean with a single developper, not a team, requires months, sometimes one complete year, from the pics on place to the modelling, texturing, placing.  Then, it was not possible to include the new taxiways and anyway, not possible with a photoreal quality. If I could have release the fs9 version, on month after the fsx one, as I planned, I wouldn't have tried to make a rendition of the new taxiways. But several months were needed, as FSX and FS9 requires different developpment technics. And many FSX customers asked for an update of the taxiways. It was then logical to make it first with the fs9 version, but once again, without the same imagery quality. Only from aerial photos, taken from far.


Improving the tarmac texture for new taxiways is possible(not soon). But don't expect a new developping from satelite or orthophoto when they'll be available. It's not possible to make an update each time the airport changes or I would have to make it every six months until 2020...


Olivier Badiambila


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