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Cuba in P3D v2.3

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Hi Ripcord,

Thanks very much for these files. I followed your instructions and got some of the other airports  done. But MUVR has upside down buildings and I can't seem to get those corrected. So I would appreciate if you can share the files for MUVR. Thanks very much.




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And here is MUHA -- also good until Sept 7



Will review MUVR as I had promised. 




Hello Ripcord,

thanks for your description I also could convert MUHA. But I have one problem, I can´t convert this very nice runway- and taxiway-lightning. Is it the same with your converted scenery? I still miss this special night lightning from FSX in this scenery, if you was more successful with this than me maybe you can help me. Here or via PN.

Thanks again for your help, I´m so happy to use this scenery in P3D again :)


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Good until Nov 17.


No more guys.  The developer needs to do something with these.



Edited by Ripcord

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