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Calum Martin

FlyTampa Fly Copenhagen (EKCH) Review

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It’s been a while since my last review, and as a result, I’ve had some wonderful down time to revisit some of the older airports released over the years. One such airport was Copenhagen. At the time, I forgot how much I enjoyed the quick hops from the UK over to the Danish city. It is also one of those destinations where the weather can either be on your side, or cause havoc to your flight planning. Over the last few weeks, I’ve had it all – everything from glorious, crispy sunny mornings to the CAT 3 landings. However, despite how beautiful it is, it’s never really been properly captured in the flight simulation world. Until now, however.


It’s been no secret that FlyTampa have been crafting Copenhagen with support from Flight Simulator Development Group. FSDG are a relatively new developer on the scene of Flight Simulation products. I remember not that long ago downloading their fantastic Sharm El Sheik and Heraklion projects. Both were wonderfully created, frame rate friendly and breathed a new lease of life into these locations. Earlier this year, they released, quite possibly, their best project yet: Thessaloniki. A medium-sized airport, surrounded by a sprawling city. Despite everything going on, it was pretty much flawless. It had charm, atmosphere and easy on the simulator.



ekch_1.jpg  ekch_2.jpg


ekch_3.jpg  ekch_4.jpg


ekch_5.jpg  ekch_6.jpg


ekch_7.jpg  ekch_8.jpg


ekch_9.jpg  ekch_10.jpg


ekch_11.jpg  ekch_12.jpg


ekch_13.jpg  ekch_14.jpg


ekch_15.jpg  ekch_16.jpg


ekch_18.jpg  ekch_19.jpg


ekch_20.jpg  ekch_21.jpg


ekch_22.jpg  ekch_23.jpg


ekch_24.jpg  ekch_25.jpg




As a result of their clear talent, FlyTampa made it clear that these guys would be great to partner with to bring about their latest airport – Fly Copenhagen.


It’s immediately apparent that the best of both teams come across in the scenery. The texturing around the airport is amongst the best FlyTampa (hereby FT from now on) have ever delivered. If you’re a fan of anything from FT in the past, then you know the quality to expect here. If you think back to Dubai (their last release) and how breath-taking it all looked, then imagine the quality factor turned up by 10.


The screenshots here don’t really do the scenery justice. Mostly because JPG compresses the images to a low quality level (hence why night shots look a bit bad…), but also because it’s impressive to see the detail move at a surprisingly good pace. The screenshots have been taken with the settings taken at the highest quality so I hope you like them.


As for the texturing itself, it’s clear that everything is crystal clear. Taxiway markings and signage are all looking excellent. But again, it’s the attention to detail that makes it stand out to other developers out there. Scuff marks on the ground, dirt tracks and even stones can be seen on the ground. The immersion with the scenery is just remarkable.



ekch_26.jpg  ekch_27.jpg


ekch_28.jpg  ekch_29.jpg


ekch_30.jpg  ekch_31.jpg


ekch_32.jpg  ekch_33.jpg


ekch_34.jpg  ekch_35.jpg


ekch_36.jpg  ekch_37.jpg


ekch_38.jpg  ekch_39.jpg


ekch_40.jpg  ekch_41.jpg


ekch_42.jpg  ekch_43.jpg


ekch_44.jpg  ekch_45.jpg


ekch_46.jpg  ekch_47.jpg


ekch_48.jpg  ekch_49.jpg


ekch_50.jpg  ekch_51.jpg



As usual, the modelling is near perfect. Every single building within the airport is present and are all high quality. There’s been no compromise on “less” important buildings or those that you may not use / see on your day-to-day flying. However, this hasn’t stopped the guys from ensuring every building looks as impressive as the last.  Even the inside of the buildings have been given the now-norm 3D interior effect. What impressed me more was the fact that each section was accurate to the real airport and not just a generalisation of what you would see at an airport gate. For example, if you were at gate F5, you would see the signage on the inside clearly mark the passengers were at the same gate, with additional signage pointing to other gates. Again, all accurate and certainly not a copy and paste job. It’s this level of detail that separates FT and FSDG from the others.


As you can see, I started off with the evening screenshots first. If you’re a frequent reader, then you will know, that these normally come last. However, in this instance, I felt that the night lighting here is the most impressive night lighting ever to grace a Flight Simulation airport. Words can’t describe how much I love the lighting [editor’s note: please find some, we need to boost the word count somehow!]. There’s no light that over exaggerate what the scenery is trying to show off. Nor is there a single block colour that covers the whole airport. There’s a huge variety of lights and shadow that really showcase the beauty of Copenhagen airport. The taxiways and runways look glorious on those evening approaches – certainly helpful when flying an autoland in fog. One complaint with the lighting, however, is the slow loading textures when panning around. Similar to the effect of Aerosoft’s Heathrow earlier this year, when the scenery isn’t in view, it’s somehow ‘flushed’ out of the Simulator to enable better performance. However, one downside of this is the effect of the textures taking a few seconds to load up. Not really an issue in general usage, but if you’re one for taking photos, this will become noticeable. It certainly won’t spoil anything for you and by no means something that should put you off from flying at night.



ekch_52.jpg  ekch_53.jpg


ekch_54.jpg  ekch_55.jpg


ekch_56.jpg  ekch_57.jpg


ekch_58.jpg  ekch_59.jpg


ekch_60.jpg  ekch_61.jpg


ekch_62.jpg  ekch_63.jpg


ekch_64.jpg  ekch_65.jpg


ekch_66.jpg  ekch_67.jpg


ekch_68.jpg  ekch_69.jpg


ekch_70.jpg  ekch_71.jpg


ekch_72.jpg  ekch_73.jpg


ekch_74.jpg  ekch_75.jpg


ekch_76.jpg  ekch_77.jpg


ekch_78.jpg  ekch_79.jpg


ekch_80.jpg  ekch_81.jpg


ekch_82.jpg  ekch_83.jpg


ekch_84.jpg  ekch_85.jpg


ekch_86.jpg  ekch_87.jpg



Outside of the airport, Copenhagen is renowned for its beautiful surroundings and of course, the famous Øresund Bridge. For those of you who don’t know, the Oresund Bridge is the longest combined rail and road bridge in the world. It’s a beautiful landmark and makes the approach into Copenhagen that much more exciting. Luckily, the two teams have wonderfully created a fantastic replica for us to fly around (or under!). It looks great, and the moving traffic certainly makes it feel very much alive.


Of course, it wouldn’t be a FSDG airport if there wasn’t the inclusion of a surrounding city. Again, the team haven’t disappointed. There’s literally hundreds of houses, buildings and other environmental obstacles that litter the surroundings of the airport. It takes a bit of a hit on performance, but for the sheer number of objects and the quality of each one, it makes it a very fair trade off. Thanks to advance techniques and an easy-to-use configurator, the impact is minimal and can be adjusted to your preferences.



ekch_88.jpg  ekch_89.jpg


ekch_90.jpg  ekch_91.jpg


ekch_92.jpg  ekch_93.jpg


ekch_94.jpg  ekch_95.jpg


ekch_96.jpg  ekch_97.jpg


ekch_98.jpg  ekch_99.jpg


ekch_100.jpg  ekch_101.jpg


ekch_102.jpg  ekch_103.jpg


ekch_104.jpg  ekch_105.jpg


ekch_106.jpg  ekch_107.jpg


ekch_108.jpg  ekch_109.jpg


ekch_110.jpg  ekch_111.jpg


ekch_112.jpg  ekch_113.jpg


ekch_114.jpg  ekch_115.jpg


ekch_116.jpg  ekch_117.jpg


ekch_118.jpg  ekch_119.jpg


ekch_120.jpg  ekch_121.jpg



2014 has certainly been the year of developers taking on board that every user has a different machine, and as a result, a different expectation as far as performance goes. FT and FSDG have jumped on board with the idea and Fly Copenhagen is the first scenery to support FlyTampa’s latest configurator. Everything from season texture, amount of traffic and whether you use the default or custom autogen. It’s highly detailed and allows any user of any powered machine to get the most from their scenery. In my opinion, the ease of use and the number of options available makes me hope that this soon becomes the standard for all scenery developers.


Fly Copenhagen is truly the best scenery FlyTampa and Flight Simulator Development Group have ever created for the community. The quality is ripping from the seams and not a pixel looks out of place. As a result, there’s a relatively high price tag associated with it. However, you get bang for your buck – a huge, and highly detailed airport and a sprawling city which expands over the sea and more. If you need a winter destination for your Christmas stocking, then this is it. You’ll have a range of aircraft to fly from here, and you will never have two of the same approach thanks to its ever-changing weather conditions. Fly Copenhagen is the airport of the Winter!




5/5  |  Publisher: FlyTampa  |  Developer: FlyTampa / FSDG  |  Price: 33.22EUR


PURCHASE FlyTampa’s Copenhagen HERE!



A fantastic effort by combining two excellent developers. The texturing, modelling and atmosphere shadows any other Copenhagen currently on the market. Although pricey, the huge amount of area covered is impressive, all whilst ensuring a smooth experience for your Simulator. An absolute must buy for a winter destination.


+   The best modelling and texture work from FlyTampa yet.

+   Huge amount of detail and coverage with minimal performance impact.


 -    Slow loading textures can sometimes be irritating.

 -    Pricier than most other scenery packages out there.


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