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Memory Leak?

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Hi guys I'm having an issue with the T2G scenery, whenever I fly into/out-of Hong Kong with the T2G scenery, I got a freeze at some stage during the climbout/descend. I've checked the task manager for memory usage, the memory use of fsx with t2g VHHH was climbing continuously while the Imaginesim VHHH was steady. I am suspecting a memory leak but I have no idea on fixing this, can someone help me?

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I will share from experience. Sometimes we can download and install very bad files that milk others files. I had this problem with my old FSX setting prior to my recent blue screen of death in late November 2014. What I than decided on was to clearful scrutinizes every scenery; payware and freeware, for the new build. So on the new build / fresh install of FSX I started with vanilla approach

Install FSX

Install carenardo b1900. And fly

Install FTX global - removing all old coded autogen and fly

Install Terrain mesh ( in my case fsglobal2010). Fly

In my case again apply dx10 fixer

Install all remaining addons ONE by ONE ( this is quintessential) on top of the base describe above.

What I've achieved on this install has been nothing short of amazing. Where I saw the climb in VAS in any aircraft even on pause, I now see VAS hold at whatever level for over 3 hrs in paused state. OoM are extremely rare now. I can leave scenery such as KPHX/LAXV2 orbx FtxNCA whilst landing in CYVR at 2048 texture set in the NGX and have 200mb of vas free

I say this to say that in the past I; like you, have made similar claims of texture leaks on products from multiple developers but to only discover that a very small fraction of my claims could be valid. We must carefully evaluate all our doings before turning towards the new product...yes some have had very high and demanding techniques which are later resolved in subsequent updates. But I just want to share in the experience and success I've had thus far, understanding FSX a little better than before.

And duly, I share that having all of T2G latest works with an assortment of their legacy products I've yet to see the old issue or simply put it "texture leaks". Shucks, I'm flying their VHHH with FT VHHX activated. Performance is phenomenal

Hope you come to a resolve because it an astounding scenery ( and can only get better with their updates as they deem suitable)

What else are you guys running on your systems... Flight bag by any chance (EFB)?

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Interesting and perhaps you're right. I saw a spike, a very large spike in VAS unlike any other Addon Airport on arrival to VHHH from RJTT in the T7 (before the recent update).  Vas rose to 3.9gb but that quickly retreated to 3.28 and 2.87gm respectively.  Once on the ground and panning around from the exterior of the AC it was back up to 4.014GB...heard the ding shutdown but not before receiving the OoM message. 

After the update I flew from ZPLJ and did not experience the same behavior.  I have an up coming flight from RPLL (addon PAS) to VHHH and shall observe and revert.

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Sorry to bring up a thread that has been dead for more than a year now. I was wondering how are you experiences with the VAS issues in VHHH Taxi2gate version? As I am still on the fence on getting it. 
To be realistic, as I am sure quite the majority of us might be running it with Flytampa's Kai Tai scenery and airliners like PMDG's aircraft or the FSL320. Any issues with VAS OOM's recently? 


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