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LFML No Runway Designators in ILS Approach

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In an Approach to LFML X i got, an Visual Approach, so I tried to change to an ILS Approach, via FSX ATC Window. But when I came to the list with possible approaches there were the ILS approaches, but the Runway Designation was missing, same in default FSX GPS. 


Then I checked if I found an AFX_LFML.bgl or any other possible AFCAD File and only found "LFML_ADEX_TLG_ALT.BGL" and can't say if that is the correct Afcad File.




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Hi Marcel,


It appears there was a bug with the program we used to create the AFCAD back when Marseille was released. I have to create a new AFCAD from scratch in order to get the ILS approach back in the FSX ATC windows. This could take some time, but i will keep you updated when the new file is ready.


Best regards,

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