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Calum Martin

DreamFlight Studio's Puerto Plata X (MDPP) Airport

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Located in the heart of the Dominican Republic, Gregorio Luperon International Airport (MDPP) is one the most frequently visited airports in the Caribbean. With flights coming from all corners of the Globe, and being the Forth busiest airport in the Dominican, can DreamFlight Studios bring this vibrant airport to life in the world of Flight Simulation?


mdpp_1.jpg  mdpp_2.jpg


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Let’s start with location. Being so important to the tourism industry within the Domincan, it stands to reason the airport sees a lot of activity. As a result, the airport has been built with this in mind. Capable of holding 3 Boeing 747-400s at any one time is incredibly impressed for a Caribbean airport. With a range of airlines visiting, it’s easy to find a route you’ll enjoy flying to and from the beautiful and sunny destination. After the harsh winter months and bitter cold, it makes for a wonderful change to fly into such a hot airport. No wind sheer and not a cloud in sight to ruin your views of your beach approach.


As for the airport itself, DreamFlight have done a great job at surrounding the airport in plenty of autogen, that lends itself nicely to the over grown nature of the island. The runway is almost lined with tropical bushes and trees that gives excellent views on your final approach. As you come in over the waves, you will notice the special attention DreamFlight have given to the coastal areas. During a sunset, it’s really quite the experience and I urge you to try it out.



mdpp_15.jpg  mdpp_16.jpg


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mdpp_33.jpg  mdpp_34.jpg


mdpp_35.jpg  mdpp_36.jpg



The airport itself is masterfully done. Despite being fairly new to the game, DreamFlight have created a detailed and well performing airport. The texturing is of a high standard and the modelling is near-life-like. Although the static and bland airbridges could use some much needed cosmetic work to really wow me with the attention to detail. The iconic red-roofed buildings are present and give the airport that rustic Caribbean feel their airports are renowned for.



One problem I do have is the lack of detail outside of the airport. There’s a rather basic car park area, with low-res models of cars and coaches, as well as a few hangers and buildings. It’s a shame really, as there’s a small town just to the South of the airport. Instead the default autogen makes up for it, which as we know, is certainly not that impressive. It would really add to the beautiful approach and prove that DreamFlight mean business.



mdpp_37.jpg  mdpp_38.jpg


mdpp_39.jpg  mdpp_40.jpg


mdpp_41.jpg  mdpp_42.jpg


mdpp_43.jpg  mdpp_44.jpg


mdpp_45.jpg  mdpp_46.jpg


mdpp_47.jpg  mdpp_48.jpg


mdpp_49.jpg  mdpp_50.jpg


mdpp_51.jpg  mdpp_52.jpg


mdpp_53.jpg  mdpp_54.jpg



Night lighting, on the other hand, is really well done. As mentioned before, approaching in the sunset really brings the airport to life. There’s some great work done on the texturing of the terminals during the darker hours, and the approach lights look truly beautiful. The night lighting with Puerto Plata Airport is one of the best features of this airport. Turn of the lights and go flying at dusk! Trust me, it’s worth it.



Gregorio Luperon International Airport (MDPP) is a great airport at a reasonable price. With so many aircraft flying in and out of the airport daily, it’s easy to understand why DreamFlight chose to visit Puerto Plata Airport. With some excellent texture work and good modelling, it’s a great airport to add to your Caribbean collection. However, some short-comings from lack of detail in some key areas of the airport and the surrounding area stop me from saying this a must-buy.







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