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P3D 2.5 Settings & Tweak Testing

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As I mentioned in the other tweaks post, you can safely use "AffinityMask=" tweak.  Just make sure your number corresponds with the number of cores you are using.  :D


Since we're on the subject, here is a rundown of my settings in P3D to whomever wants them to use.  Remember though, YMMV (pardon any abbreviated headings, but anyone who uses P3D, should be able to navigate around the settings dialog):




MSAA: 4 Samples

Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 8x

Texture Resolution: Ultra 4096x4096 (Can get away with bumping it down to 2048x2048)


Hardware Tessilation: Enabled


Screen Settings: Auto-fill Main View checked


Frame Rate Controls:

Vsync: OFF

Target Frame Rate: 30


View & Panel Settings:

Wide View Aspect Ratio & Mipmap VC Panels both checked



LOD: Ultra

Tessellation Factor: Medium

Mesh Resolution: 5m

Texture Resolution: 15cm


Land Detail Textures: Checked


Scenery Complexity: Very Dense

Autogen Vegetation Density: Normal

Autogen Building Density: Normal


Water Detail: High

Reflections: Clouds, User vehicle, Terrain checked


Special Effects Detail: Medium

Special Effects Distance: Medium



Landing Lights, Lens Flare HDR Lighting: All checked


Shadow Quality: Medium

Enable Terrain to Receive Shadows: checked

Terrain Shadow Cast Distance: 20,000m

Cloud Shadow Cast Distance: 20,000m

Object Shadow Cast Distance: 3,000m


Object Types:  Internal and External Vehicle set to Cast and Receive



Cloud Draw Distance: Leave at 90mi (For ASN)

Thermal Visualization: None

Volumetric Fog: Checked

Cloud Detail: Detailed Clouds checked

Cloud Coverage Density: Medium



Airline Density: 30

GA Traffic Density: 7

Airport Vehicle density: None


Land and Sea traffic

Road Vehicles: 12

Ships and ferries: 0

Leisure Boats: 0


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