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Good day Taxi2Gate team.
Great development of Taxi2Gate TLPC!  LOVE IT!!
I tweaked my AI traffic for the Caribbean to have close to accurate flight schedules by the major airlines.  I am making the following requests as the information in the AFCAD is slightly off and causing the AI to park in the wrong places (eg. passenger aircraft parking in cargo area and not at the gate).
I was trying to edit the AFCAD to add 2 spots where helicopters land at TLPC
I was not successful at editing it with AFCAD 2.21
Is it possible for you guys to edit and send me the update?
Here are the co-ordinates for the 2 helicopter landing spots:
1. main Helipad (has no "H" marking or marking of any sort)
Heading: 089
2. Secondary spot where helicopters land (no markings)
Heading: 064
Other updates:
Parking 1 is a Gate for small GA charter aircraft (DHC6, cessna 172's etc.)
Parking 2 is a Gate for small Passenger aircraft (ATR42, ATR72, DHC8)
Parking 3 is a Gate for small Passenger aircraft (ATR42, ATR72, DHC8)
Parking 4 is used mostly for cargo loading/unloading (Beechcraft 1900C, Cessna 208 Caravan) BUT it is also a Gate for small Passenger aircraft (ATR42, ATR72, DHC8)
Parking 5 is used mostly for FedEx cargo Cessna 208 Caravan and occasion, a Learjet/Corporate jet/Embraer.  NOT used as a gate
Parking 6 is a Hangar for General Aviation and is also a parking area for General Aviation
Please help me out so my AI traffic can function properly
- Jonathan
.... (i guess the update can be done for FSX as well but i'm not sure if the co-ordinates are the same)
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