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If you had any sense or know how you'd already be aware that Seattle is a frame hog eating location in FS.


How can you expect that the whole city will be modeled? The airport is all you need and at the same time you'll be wanting the smoothest results you can get wont you!?


Look at Hong Kong and the backlash in complaints about Lantau Island...T2G just need to work on the airport and once that's mastered then maybe expand outwards to cites as do Flytampa.


Mexico City and Doha are totally different to Seattle in terms of resources used.


If you've got ORBX Pacific Northwest as i expect you have then you really don't need any enhancer to the city, and im sure it should fit fairly well with ORBX PNW.


I think its pretty safe to say P3Dv2 will be covered, i don't know why people keep asking stupid questions about the platforms it will cover, its only FS9 that's slowly missing the list more often now.


Seattle was wiped off Flytampas list for a reboot for good reason, we should all just hope that T2G can work some kind of miracle and get this project on point, forget about downtown Seattle

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Hello Taxi2gate Team,


it all Looks excellent! You will make the deal and not FlyTampa (how knows why)?


I can't tell you at all how gratefull I am that finally KSEA will be soon avaibable for FSX.


I'm waiting since 2006 for a reasonable payware addon for KSEA. Thank you...!


regards Ted



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Taxi2Gate posted their Performance Info and I'm suprised.


According to this, KSEA and VHHH is tied to FPS (but KSEA have better VAS) with almost everything at Max Settings (except for AI) and everything, except for REX Textures and ENB, is default. I wonder what have they done to Seattle to make this area friendly to FPS and VAS.

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