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I only registered to offer help on Paris LFPG. I fly from/to that airport several times a week. I can take pictures, but only from areas accessible to passengers, including from within planes. 


Especially I can help with airline assignments for the AFCAD if that is something you'd be interested in.


Really great news you're doing that airport, it's my home airport and I have been waiting for a new version since many years.


Congrats also for your other work, I have many of the other mega airports you did (Hong Kong, Mexico, Orlando, Istanbul, Doha, Seattle, etc) and they're just top notch quality. You're in the first league now, along with FlyTampa and FSDT. The PMDG of airport sceneries. Excellent job on how you have progressed over the past couple of years, congratulations.

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Nice choices, altough I think if there would have been a poll these two would not have had the most votes. But that doesn't matter, they have been chosen and eventough they weren't on my original wishlist I'm certainly satisfied. The current Aerosoft sceneries are getting outdated and since Aerosoft is far too busy to update them I'm glad you'll do the job.

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That's fantastic news!! Those 2 airports have been named so often by so many customers, but anyhow noone really saw the need so far.. neither did Aerosoft see any need to update theirs. Thank you for doing these two and thanks for listening so much to your customers. I can't help with any photos or so, but maybe by purchasing both of them at the first day of release - which I certainly will do! ;-)

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This is Awesome news, I have been waiting for a very long time for someone to do over LFPG! Thanks for taking on the task You got my support! I will look into EDDM too I love the sub tunnels around this scenery but I still think the other guys product is ok! But if we get the level of detail known to come from product line I look forward to purchasing EDDM again another great airport project!

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Hey guys,

I know this might not be the place to propose it but I would like to know if there is any chances of you guys doing FMEE (Airport of La Réunion) ?

It's really a awesome airport that has 2 Runways that crosses each other, a fine terminal and it's the Hub for the Airline Air Austral. It would be great if someone with your talents did do it.

I'm just asking on you guys to take it into consideration of course. Hope this will work.


Cheers !


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