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FlyTampa Fly Sydney (YSSY) Review

Calum Martin

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Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, yet it has only recently been given the acknowledgement it deserves within the flight sim community. Thanks to teams such as ORBX, there’s some beautiful coverage of the country, yet there were still many airports which, quite simply, had never been given quality scenery. Again, ORBX delivered some stunning airports, but the performance of some of them left a lot to be desired.






yssy_3.jpg  yssy_4.jpg


yssy_5.jpg  yssy_6.jpg


yssy_7.jpg  yssy_8.jpg


yssy_9.jpg  yssy_10.jpg


yssy_11.jpg  yssy_12.jpg


yssy_13.jpg  yssy_14.jpg


yssy_15.jpg  yssy_16.jpg


yssy_17.jpg  yssy_18.jpg


yssy_19.jpg  yssy_20.jpg



Fly Tampa have always been consistent with their releases. Airport after airport sees both a well performing airport, alongside unbeatable quality. To most, Valentine’s day is about showing love and affection for partners, but for simmers, Valentine’s day 2013 was the day FlyTampa melted the hearts of their fans by announcing Sydney would be coming to Flight Sim in the near future.

Just a little over 2 years later, we’re all ready to go down under.


yssy_21.jpg  yssy_22.jpg


yssy_23.jpg  yssy_24.jpg


yssy_25.jpg  yssy_26.jpg


yssy_27.jpg  yssy_28.jpg


yssy_29.jpg  yssy_30.jpg


yssy_31.jpg  yssy_32.jpg


yssy_33.jpg  yssy_34.jpg


yssy_35.jpg  yssy_36.jpg


yssy_37.jpg  yssy_38.jpg


yssy_39.jpg  yssy_40.jpg


yssy_41.jpg  yssy_42.jpg



Sydney, as a city is important for many reasons. Being the most populated city in Australia and the State Capital of New South Wales obviously attracts visitors from all over the Globe. It’s home to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and of course, the Sydney Opera House – quite simply, it’s a beautiful and rich city. The airport itself is the only major airport within the city, and sees nearly 40 million passengers a year. It’s amazing, it has taken this long to be faithfully recreated within our Flight Sim products.


To be perfectly honest, when FlyTampa announced their development on the primary hub for Qantas, it just all felt perfect. I couldn’t think of a better developer to bring this huge airport to life.

Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (YSSY) has three runways, with a maximum length of 12,999ft – meaning that long haulers will of course comfortably be able to fly their long distances. Being on the far east of Australia, expect to be able to fly direct to the West Coast of the USA, New Zealand and Hawaii quite easily. Even direct flights from the middle-East and Asia are all possible in your long range aircraft. As a result, VAS and Frame Rates are normally at the forethought of people’s minds.

After extensive testing and a range of settings, I can confirm that it should not be a worry.



yssy_43.jpg  yssy_44.jpg


yssy_45.jpg  yssy_46.jpg


yssy_47.jpg  yssy_48.jpg


yssy_49.jpg  yssy_50.jpg


yssy_51.jpg  yssy_52.jpg


yssy_53.jpg  yssy_54.jpg


yssy_55.jpg  yssy_56.jpg


yssy_57.jpg  yssy_58.jpg


yssy_59.jpg  yssy_60.jpg


yssy_61.jpg  yssy_62.jpg


yssy_63.jpg  yssy_64.jpg


yssy_65.jpg  yssy_66.jpg



Providing you use ‘appropriate’ settings, and it’s relative to your hardware, you will have similar frame rates to that of other FlyTampa scenery. Thanks to the configuration options, you can easily select what features you want on or off. Find that 3D grass gives you poor performance? Turn it off. Want to see little fishermen on the coast during approach, turn them on. You have plenty of options to fine tune it to suit your system, which is definitely a win-win solution for everyone.


In regards to VAS usage, I had no troubles. I have modest settings (but my Simulator still looks fantastic), and I have installed the LITE package (sets textures to 1024, instead of the default value of 2048). Even with VAS heavy add-ons such as the PMDG 777 and MyTraffic 6, I never got close to being out of memory. It’s a little more intensive than some scenery packages, but you have to remember exactly how much detail FlyTampa have gone with Sydney.


Speaking of detail, remember those Fishermen I mentioned? Well, how would you like to add sharks, moving traffic, static aircraft, traffic lights and much more to improve the visual quality? There’s so much attention to detail it is unbelievable. There’s moving fans in the rooftops of some buildings and plenty of puddles along the taxi ways. Dirt is spread throughout the airfield, as well as stones and concrete to really immerse you in the experience.



yssy_67.jpg  yssy_68.jpg


yssy_69.jpg  yssy_70.jpg


yssy_71.jpg  yssy_72.jpg


yssy_73.jpg  yssy_74.jpg


yssy_75.jpg  yssy_76.jpg


yssy_77.jpg  yssy_78.jpg


yssy_79.jpg  yssy_80.jpg


yssy_81.jpg  yssy_82.jpg


yssy_83.jpg  yssy_84.jpg


yssy_85.jpg  yssy_86.jpg


yssy_87.jpg  yssy_88.jpg


yssy_89.jpg  yssy_90.jpg



Texturing aside, the modelling is quite simply, the best I have ever seen in a Simulator. The famous control tower at Sydney has been authentically recreated, and to the finest of detail. You genuinely could mistake it for the real thing. It has the perfect geometry, scaling and texturing. I remember when the first image of the control tower was released, and I had a hard time guessing which was the Sim and which was real – I still have that same problem now.


Alongside the configurator, is the opportunity to change the seasons accordingly. Texturing changes depending on the month you chose, which again, just helps to differentiate FlyTampa from the rest of the competition.


Not only have they done an excellent job with the airport, but they’ve also worked hard to make sure the surrounding area also. There’s plenty of satellite imagery that has been used to create some really good and detailed ground textures. There’s also been some work done to the nearby buildings within Sydney. Although it doesn’t extend too far from the airport, it’s enough to keep you immersed during the approach into Sydney (and also the departure).



yssy_91.jpg  yssy_92.jpg


yssy_93.jpg  yssy_94.jpg


yssy_95.jpg  yssy_96.jpg


yssy_97.jpg  yssy_98.jpg


yssy_99.jpg  yssy_100.jpg


yssy_101.jpg  yssy_102.jpg


yssy_103.jpg  yssy_104.jpg


yssy_105.jpg  yssy_106.jpg


yssy_107.jpg  yssy_108.jpg


yssy_109.jpg  yssy_110.jpg


yssy_111.jpg  yssy_112.jpg


yssy_113.jpg  yssy_114.jpg


yssy_115.jpg  yssy_116.jpg



It is obvious that I think FlyTampa have done a remarkable job on Sydney. With a range of terminals fully created, beautiful artwork and texturing and mind-blowing model work – this ranks as one of the best created add-on packages for Flight Simulation. With excellent performance (considering its size and location) and moderate memory usage, Sydney will be the new number 1 spot for short and long haulers alike. It may be far away from home (for some of you), but it’s certainly worth the trip.

See you down under!



yssy_117.jpg  yssy_118.jpg


yssy_119.jpg  yssy_120.jpg


yssy_121.jpg  yssy_122.jpg


yssy_123.jpg  yssy_124.jpg


yssy_125.jpg  yssy_126.jpg


yssy_127.jpg  yssy_128.jpg


yssy_129.jpg  yssy_130.jpg


yssy_131.jpg  yssy_132.jpg


yssy_133.jpg  yssy_134.jpg


yssy_135.jpg  yssy_136.jpg





Purchase FlyTampa’s Fly Tampa Here

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