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Hi, I just recently got Taxi2Gates LTBA and I'm having a few issues with it. Firstly aircraft are taking off from runway 05 which doesn't happen in real life, but more importantly aircraft are landing and taking off from runway 35L & 35R which is conflicting with the 05 landings but also aircraft are landing on runway 05. Is there a way I can set landings for 05 and departures for 35L & 35R only. I know they sometimes use 35 for landing but very rarely. Also I've noticed when taking onto runway 05 dirt appears from the aircraft tires as it seems to go off the runway even when you're still on it and at some parts down the runway. Aerosofts Airbus RAAS tells you that you're on the taxiway when I'm clearly not. I've tried using ADE to stop takeoff on runway 05 but fsx isn't using it clearly and also AI traffic aren't using the taxiway just prior to 35L. Anyone help at all?


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