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MMMY Updated AFCAD completed

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Hello Gang!


Even though no one in this forum offered any assistance, I was able to complete the updates to the MMMY AFCAD.  Now all airline assignments are correct, we've got windsocks where they belong, we've got GA's parking where they should, and most importantly, the ILS on runway 29 is now aligned (no more ravine landings in the fog).  This airport has undergone updates since the release of this scenery so the airport itself is not up to date but at least the updated AFACAD helps quite a bit.  Hopefully at some point T2G will update the airport.


If anyone is interested in getting a copy of this updated AFCAD file, please shoot me a message and I'll be glad to share.





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Can you send me a copy of the AFCAD also?      Davsymms@hotmail.com


I also have problems there with buggy altitude.    You will be on glideslope 100 feet above ground and suddenly you are face-planting on the runway.

goes from 100 ft to 0 feet AGL instantly!

Sucks to have a landing rate of 1750 fps when usually it's 1/10 that!


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