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T2G P3Dv3 plead

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Hey T2G,


As a fan of your work though sometimes atad sloppy in areas i would like to ask that when you do start rolling out the P3Dv3 versions of your latest work please ensure that they are all the updated versions and that the installation process is tidy if its not too cheeky to ask?

For example Flytampa have recently released all of their work for P3Dv3 and installs in such a way that it looks really tidy and orderly.

Ideally a general folder in the P3D main folder named 'Taxi2Gate' and inside that each airport listed as Hamad International, Seattle Tacoma, Hong Kong International, Orlando International, Mexico City International, Istanbul Ataturk International for example...


I look forward to these releases and of course Paris and Munich

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Juste received an email from simmarket about a new version for T2G TFFR :

Dear simMarket Customer,
at simMarket you can now find a new version of your product:


You will find the link to download this update from your user account -> orders listing -> respective detailed order page on the bottom.


The installer is a complete replacement for previous versions,
existing customers just need to remove the old version and install the new one.

But when i loot at simmarket site i see there a new version P3DV3 but have to pay a new contribition ..... i'm lost .....

Can you help me to understand ?

Thanks in adavnce


Jean Luc



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Ok i understand 

1) the update of the initial version contain the update of the terminal

2) if i want to instal the P3DV3 version i need to bought the new version and if i have the older version i will pay a lower price.

In the website the french translation is very bad : it tell us that we can have the low price if we bought it with the same NumOrder ...... and not with the same simmarket account ! Very confusing !




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I honestly think it's a shame that you guys wants us to pay for an updated TFFR P3Dv3 version! 

Unless you'll prove me wrong and this update brings TFFR to a new level of details and usability, the 12 Euros requested here is ridicules! 


A very disappointed customer!


I completely agree!!! And what did you change??? Just the installer??? 12 Euros??? Not from me!!!:angry:

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