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Seattle city, completely screwed up in both sims I have.
My new sim installation, I installed FTX Base, Vector and T2G KSEA with FTX compatibility, and I ended up having the same mess I had with the old sim on a separate drive. Two major problems are the port island: I got city scape in there. And a disappearance of a bridge to the port island. There was a nice default bridge that was gone with installation of KSEA, don't know if Vector has to do anything with it. Disabling KSEA (or Vector, or both) does NOT return the bridge back, as if it was deleted during the installation of KSEA completely. Also, disabling KSEA removes the famous Seattle tower along with some KSEA scenery, I think it removes default stuff off the drive completely. Two sims, two different hard drives and Windows installs, same thing in Seattle.

Ebabling all Vector options I don't get the bridge either, the bridge is gone, the port island is messed up with city autogen.

Top pic PNW disabled, bottom - enabled. PNW installed after KSEA, KSEA moved up (tried both ways anyway).Also note the black circles at far end of island, where the white storage tanks must have existed.


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