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I also have problems with default Towers (two default towers).

If I put 1.2 update, I don't have default towers but I also does not have gates at Terminal 2(from Gate 201-224).

If I put third party AFCAD (available here in forum) then I have gates but also I have two default towers (besides T2G towers).

Is there a solution


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On 5.12.2017 at 1:36 PM, Guilhermme Antonio said:

Good morning, I'm having problems with my tax2gate EDDM .. Mine is with the default tower and in front of the tower is a default terminal over terminal 1 .. I do not know what to do to fix it .. If anyone can help me I'm very grateful

I'm using p3dv4.1 and eddm 1.2

Thank you..

Do you have ORBX Germany south installed?

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I think I found the issue.  After several attempts of scanning external files to remove any remnant of EDDM brought in by any other addon (eg. FTX) I decided to explore the files internal to T2G EDDM.  With that the following files where in question:

EDDM folder

EDD-LIB-DETFAL.bgl ?  Was this a typo?  I changed it to EDDM-LIB-DETFAL.  And not sure if "DETFAL is supposed to be DEFAULT

EDDM_AF.BGL.off and EDDM_AF-SODE.BGL.off were removed outside of the EDDM into another external folder.  I was not sure if the extension should have read .BGL.off or .BGLOFF so I removed it altogether.

EDDM Terrain Folder

EDDM1.bgl.off and the EDDM2.bgl.off (i removed from the EDDM-TERRAIN Scenery folder)

lastly, I deleted the scenery from within p3dv4.4 menus and reinserted them by way of lorby's addon organizer as an xml addon in the order starting  at the top  down EDDM, EDDM LC. EDDM Terrain.



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