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I have this issue, too. I am using P3Dv3.1.

When I change the season to summer, everything is fine. When I switch back to winter, without ending the flight, it is working in winter, too... Very weird...

I could locate the bgl, it is the EDDM2.bgl in the EDDM-TERRAIN folder.

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First of all thank you very much for making my home airport! It is a tough job to model such a big airport like Munich. Respect guys! I know a lot of people already posted some issues and what you ca

search in fsx for AFX_MDDE_ALT.bgl and make it to AFX_MDDE_ALT.bgl.off I found it after a long time searching.   Greatings from EDDM Frank

We think we finish the update, very soon will list the issues adressed and extra things that we added, thanks guys.

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Well, if they take to long I'll just ask PayPal to refund my money. In the present condition the scenery is looking nice if you look over all those bugs, but that's it.
Refund and when (if) a SP comes out that corrects all the stuff I might buy it again. I'm not a paying beta tester.
At least some of the stuff like the red terrain or wrong frequencies should be fixed quickly!

That said let's give them a few days since there have been holidays in between.

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The offer with the pictures was made a few days after release - no reaction to this. A list with wrong modelled things was sent to T2G on the day of release - no reaction to this. I agree that we had new years eve and new year, but there is not even a short response to the red textures thing. Thats something one can do in 30 seconds! 

I feel more like a paying, public beta tester and thats what makes me feel bad about the scenery. And I certainly do not have the feeling that this is one of the best sceneries, the overall impression is okay - but thats definitely not Munich as it is in real life. Period.

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Here it is the quick fix of red phototerrain.


FSX Download:



P3D Download:




To install it copy and replace those files unziped in this path...

FSX: Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM FSX\data\EDDM-TERRAIN\Scenery\    

P3D V1,V2: Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v2\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM P3Dv2\data\EDDM-TERRAIN\Scenery\

P3D V3: Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\SimMarket\T2G - EDDM P3Dv3\data\EDDM-TERRAIN\Scenery\

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