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Hey Guys,

I already started a topic, unfortunately with no reply. I bought the airport back at sunday. The installer is 527mb large but my windows control panel still shows me it´s version I could find your second update on your website but not the first one. Where can i find the first update (v.1.2?).



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Ah, I did a mistake. My last sentence should be:

Where can i find the first update (v1.1?). I still have problems with the holes at the end of the bridges.


Sorry and regards

Hello @Aviation-Fan ,


why you want the V1.1 ? The 1.2 works much better than 1.1 and the problem which you mention is in V1.2 as well as in V1.1.

If you had read the content in this EDDM forum then you knew that to solve this problem you have to increase your mesh settings.


Kind regards

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If it is possible I would like to have an update where you can look through the glass of the jetways at terminal 2 and at the Satellit, because in real live I could look throug it and saw the pilot and co-pilot in the cockpit.

I think that would be very nice and  would be more realistic.

And it would be very great when it is possible that the taxiway looks wet when it´s raining


Best regards,

Daniel (sorry for my English but I am from Germany and not ready with school)

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Here you can see, that there are some double Jetways at the Sattelit Terminal at Munich and there is a Gate with three Jetways as well. Now I don´t know that this is an fail in my Version because at my Airport are only gates with one Jetway at the Sattelit, I thank you very much for any answer, because double jetways at the sattelit at Munich would be more realistic and great for the upcoming A330 of Aerosoft.

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An update for the Satellite in general would be great. The comment above features an older picture, in the meantime All Munich "M" Logos have been added to the west site, the one facing to the left and the east side has received Lufthansa Logos. Also a few gate positions on the east side need to have jetways. So come on T2G, you showed how fast you can work. Maybe finish Paris first and then get out another update for Munich, fixing the issues mentioned in this thread, adding SODE and updating the Satellite of Terminal 2. Your sceneries are of a great quality, one of the best available out there, and if you would now start listening to your customers and adressing the bugs would make you even better! So come on!!!

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Here you see People in the Jetway because there is glass. But at Taxi2Gate Munich you can´t see that the yetway is made of glass.http://www.forum.iflysimx.com/uploads/monthly_2015_12/2015-12-27_13-34-59-169.jpg.2fd7397c753f45a1b7920db6fe8ecc1c.jpg

At this Picture you can see in it. I ment, if there are People in FSX you would see them behind the Jetway because it´s made of glass also at the Taxi2Gate Airport but in the jetway you wouldn´t see them because at T2G MUC it isn´t made out of glass.

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Ok, problem is solved now, but maybe you can do better modeled streets in the next update

I think that the street on the picture is not very modeled. Maybe you can do the streets like under the bridges for the planes.


And maybe you also can make better lights for the night. I think that that´s very important, because it´s very special at munich airport. The colour,..., etc.

Here a nice picture:




And here the picture for the street, sorry that it´s so dark but I noticed that when I came home from my flight from Heraklion.

Screenshot (36).png

And the last thing is the 3D grass at night. Maybe you can have a look to this three things and do it a little bit better in the next version. That would be a nice step, maybe for the best/most realistic FSX/P3D airport addon in the world:)

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Same again with Maxed out Mesh-Settings !! Taxiway Lights are down now after max out Meshsettings..... and also the same crashpoint at the Bridges...

I also Test ur Quickfix again for Bridges but also the same now ! Before the Update the Quickfix runs well for me and i can cross Birdges but now, no Way !

Also Tested with Wintertexures and without too ! After reinstall the Taxiwaylights come back ;-) with my normal Settings !!! 

Maybe not Compatiple with FTX Global Base , Open LC Europa or FTX Global Vector ??



My Normal Settings are 



Was there ever a fix to this? I'm still getting this with P3dv3.3.5

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