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Problem with ILS approach to rwy 08L/R

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Yesterday I did the approach to rwy 08R. Somewhere in this forum I read that the ILS frequencies for 08L/R are wrong, so I check the ones, which were mentioned in the simulator (P3D v2.5).

In my case, the frequency for 08R was 110.9 instead of the correct one 109.3. I decided to use the one from the simulator, but I wasn't able to catch the LOC. Afterwards I tried to use the correct one - 109.3 and the localiser waw captured, but there was no G/S. I wasn't over or under glideslope - it was not active at all.

Besides I noticed that in AIRAC the ILS course was 081 instead of 082, but I'm not absolutely sure which value is up to date.

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