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LTBA - approach/runway/taxi lights in P3D v2.5

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Today I decided to buy the LTBA scenery for my P3D v2.5

Before I do it, I'd like to be absolutely sure that the problem with lighting (approach, runway and taxiway lights) is solved in P3D v2.5. For me it's very important, because I love flying at night or in a dusk.

If they are working without any problems, please let me know if the current Simmarket version includes all fixes or it's necessary to download it from your website.

And the last question - please let me know if the lighting for P3D v2 is not a standard P3D lighting but the custom Taxi2Gate lighting, which seems to be obvious in the case of payware scenery for almost 30 EUR, but I want to make sure :)

Thanks in advance for your prompt answer.


Marcin Gwiazdzinski

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