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Good morning.

I purchased Palermo Punta Raisi at simmarket, compliments to the fantastic scenery. Even knowing that it is for FSX-steam installed it and use it properly.

There's only one small problem graphic (photo) .. it seems that both sides of the fence float in the air. you can tell me the name of the specific file so delete it ..if that is possible. thank you very much for the attention


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In order to solve this problem, you'll just need to set your Mesh resolution to 5 meters minimum (1 meter is even better) in your display options of FSX. ;)

Hope this helps!


Hello Thomas!


I have a similar Problem in P3D V3.1. There's a floating portion of the terminal (or so). See the attached file. I reinstalled plus I used the update 1.1. Is there anything I can do? I used the search a bunch of times, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance!







And I just found a floating portion of a fence too.



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Hi Peter,

Did you try changing your mesh resolution? This should solve the problem for sure. If not working with a 5 meter setting, you can try a 1 meter mesh resolution setting :)

Please let me know about the outcome.

Best regards,


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