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[FSX+EDDM] Airplane Crash at Bridges after new Update !!!

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I try all Info´s at the other Update-Topic !! Max Out Mesh Settings - Get the Right File with 539,77MB from SimMarket deinstall Old Version +

Check that all Files are Deleted well @ C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimMarket

and Install Ubdated File again! It´s done and Plane Crash again at the Bridges in my FSX !

I use FTX Fullpack with Global Base , Global Vector , FTX OpenLC Europe + REX Essential Plus Overdrive ! I also use the "Automatic Airport Elevation

Correction" for FTX Vector and also the same... ! Also Tested with the old Bridgefixx and ist Crashes again .... ! BUT Before the Update the Bridgefixx runs well for me ..... !! So what´s wrong ?

I´m still at the end with my knowledge .... sorry .... Any more Ideas maybe ??

Other with FSX get realy no Problems ?






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Hi, EDDM is compatible with global, all the airport was coded with no crash in all objects, 100% other thing is causing this, seeing your images something is interfereing with the scenery because you dont have even the hole of the bridges, maybe ftx? did you try deactivating it?

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I did it and Test and Test Again !!! And Result is: It´s not fully compatible with my FTX Global Vector !!!!! Because if i deaktivate all the Roads in the Config Tool of Global Vector i get no more Crashes at all Bridges !!!!!



Whats the function of ABP_EDDM.BGL at C:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\FTX_VECTOR\FTX_VECTOR_APT\scenery ? Nothing ? 

But the Iff i deactivate the Road it Look like the Same at the Fotos but without Crashes now !!! I got 2hole of the bridges and 6 without ;o).... but no more crashes after deactivating the road of global vector


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That was not my question ;) ! I Know with max Settings and Test it before without Result, because FTX Global Vector Roads did the Crash at the Birdges ! I Only what to know witch File make the Holes(Tunnels) under the birdges i only what to know witch File(s) makes the Altitude difference at the Bridges !?

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ThX a lot now it Runing for me !! I don´t not why no more have Problems with the Roads of Global Vector and bridges, but for me its fine now without Vector Roads , 3D Grass and Without ELV File it runns well without Crash and Bad seeing Terrain ;o) ! FPS Well, Airport is Running well but the compatible with FTX Global Vector should be Re-checked i think...

Thread Closed for me ;)

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