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Latest KSEA no show in FSX scenery library

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Good day all,


Just got the T2G KSEA 746Mb Update from SimMarket and I've been in touch with Cesar - even though you'll (probably) get blank entries per my attached, the scenery will still work. 

Cesar has sent an email to the installer folks so I presume a patch will be in order soon. I use Win7 pro, so not sure if you folks with Win8 or later will get this as well - also not sure what the P3D folks are going to get. In any case, your KSEA will show up when you go there. 

One more thing - for AES users like myself, if you have a KSEA-T2G folder in your FSX addon scenery folder, you ought to delete/move it because the AES dependent bgl 's will now sit in the SimMarket\KSEA-T2G\ location. I'm assuming that if you've got duplicate bgl's active at the same time, there's a good (bad) situation for a memory leak.  Anyone with better knowledge of this, please correct me in case I'm wrong!! I simply moved that folder into my storage HD just in case. 



Bill A

1.30.2016 22-51-25.jpeg

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Installed the update today and got the same results, maybe I should read the forums first to find out if there were any issues.

Any news of an update.

As I updated EDDM a couple of days age and there was no issue as with Seattle.

I presume that this is the only Taxi2Gate Airport with this issue.


Have FSX Windows7

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Hello folks,


I have been trying to be patient with this but my patience is finally running out. This problem is costing many developers, including T2G because people (at least I feel it to not be a good idea to add new areas when some are blank) are not keen to purchase any more scenery from anyone until this blank entry is fixed. We need to see what is there before installing anything else!


Please T2G - come up with the promised fix. 


Thank you

W Alexander



I re-downloaded the file from SimMarket (it would have been nice if they emailed me of this update and I told them so) to find it was only a little larger than the original, hence not realizing it was different. All working again. I had to delete 2 areas that FSX told me had incorrect pathas to and had to "repair" AES to put back the jetways - all in all back to normal again.


I will email this to Cesar so he knows what's going on. Maybe he could impress upon SimMarket to email their customers that a fix is now in the offing.



Bill A

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